Partition and Volume Backup

Posted by @AOMEI

May 16, 2017

This option refers to back up partition or volume to an image file. The backup software of AOMEI Backupper can help you backup partition and volume

Partition Backup in AOMEI Backupper enables you to back up one or multiple partitions/volumes (including dynamic volumes) to an image file. If you just want to back up particular partitions and volumes rather than the entire disk, this feature is the best choice.

How to Backup Partition and Volume?

  • In the left tab item, select Backup and then select Partition Backup.
  • Partition Backup.gif

  • You may enter a task name in the box to help you distinguish it from others.

    edit Task Name.gif

  • Click Step1. In the popup window, select the partitions or volumes that need to be backed up.

    Select Partition.gif

  • Click Step2 to select a destination path to save the backup.

    Select destination path.gif

  • Click Start Backup button and wait for the process to be completed

For more detailed guidance with screenshots see: How to Backup Partition/Volume. You can do scheduled partition and volume backup on a regular basis, please refer to how to schedule backup.

  • To specify advanced options refer to  Backup Options, Schedule Backup and Backup Scheme for detail guidance.
  • For ExT2/3, ReFS, ExFAT and other non-Windows file systems AOMEI Backupper will back up in sector-by-sector mode.

  • If you want to restore the partition or volume backup image in the future, follow partition volume restore wizard.