Check Image

Posted by @AOMEI

June 1, 2015

The option of ‘check image can help to check out whether the backed up image file has been damaged or not, which can ensure the success of restore.

This option tests the data integrity of the backup image to ensure you would successfully be able to recover data. The program looks for errors during the checking process, indicating the image file might be damaged and cannot be used for recovery. This enables you to remedy the situation in a timely way, if necessary.

To check image

  1. In the left Tab, select Utilities and then select Check Image.
  2. Check Image

  3. Select the backup that you want to test. If the list box does not show the image you would like to check, click Browse to locate it.
  4. Select Image

  5. Select a point-in-time and click the Next button to start the test. Backup type and Created time help to determine the proper point-in-time.
  6. Select Time Point

  7. Wait for the process to complete, and then click Finish.
  8. Finish