How to Back up Data to Network Attached Storage (NAS) or Cloud Clients?

Posted by @AOMEI

March 9, 2018

If you want to learn how to set Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices as the destination for data backup with free AOMEI Backupper, here you will know how to back up files/folders to NAS or cloud clients.

NAS is the acronym for Network Attached Storage, and it is mainly used as file servers by business users. Backing up to NAS can save users' local storage as well as it can ensure the security of the backup image file. If you want to back up your  important files/folders on NAS, then  AOMEI Backupper enables you to back up data to NAS devices easily.

Back up to NAS

1. The system, partitions and even whole disk can all be backed up to NAS. Click on Step 2:

Click Step2.png

2. When the window pops up, Click Share/NAS on the left-hand side or you can open the drop-down list of the destination path to click “Select a network share or NAS".

Share NAS.png

3. Click Add share or NAS device button in the lower-left corner.

Add share or NAS.png

4. Enter the IP address of your NAS. Meanwhile, you can name it for this NAS device.

Enter IP.png

5. After the NAS device has been added, all the folders under this NAS device will be listed. Choose one folder as the destination path, then click OK.

Folders listed.png

For more detailed info about how to back up to NAS, please refer to this tutorial: AOMEI Free Backup Software for Windows Backup to NAS Devices,which will instruct you step-by-step about how to back up to NAS device.

Back up to Cloud Clients

Cloud drives (Dropbox, Google Drive,etc) are becoming more and more popular among us, luckily, AOMEI Backupper can back up, sync files or folders to cloud clients as long as your pc have installed these Desktop cloud clients.

Back up to Cloud

1. You can back up or sync files/folders to cloud clients. Find Step2 and click the drop-down menu so you will see "Select a cloud drive".

Select a cloud.png

2. Click“Select a Cloud”to open the list of cloud clients you have installed in your pc. Select a cloud client as the destination location.

select cloud as target location.png


  • Before backing up to cloud, you need to install desktop app of cloud drive on your pc first.
  • AOMEI Backupper currently only supports these cloud clients: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, SugarSync, hubiC and Cloudme and It only can back up and sync files/folders to these cloud clients.