Backup Options

Posted by @AOMEI

March 13, 2018

You can enable more advanced settings for your backup task via Backup Options, for example, you can compress your image file, split large image file into small one, etc.

Advanced settings for your current backup task

When creating an new backup task, you will see "Backup  Options" inthe lower left corner of the interface.

Backup Options

Click it and you will see "General", "Compression", "Splitting", "Intelligent Sector", "VSS" options.

Backup Options1

General: For this option, you can write comments for your task to help you distinguish it from other backup tasks, meanwhile, you can enable encryption and email notification for this task.


Email Notification:  To configure your mailbox, click "Menu", so you can see "Settings". Click "Settings" so you can configure your mailbox.


Enable email notification001

Compression:You can choose compression level for your backup task. If you choose high one, then it would take longer time to create backup.


Splitting: When setting your backup task, you can specify a way to split large image file into multple smaller image files.


Intelligent Sector: For intelligent sector feature, Aomei Backupper use intelligent sector way by default and if you select sector by sector way, backup time would be longer as it would back up used and unused space of your disk. This feature is for System Backup, Partition Backup, and Disk Backup.

Intelligent Sector 01

VSS: VSS is the abbreviation of Volume Shadow Copy Service and we use it to create snapshot, then do backup by default. And if you use Aomei's built-in technique to do backup, then we create snapshot via our own drivers first, then do backup.



  • For standard version, you are unable to use Aomei Server, Custom SMTP to enable email notification. And if you want to use them, then you need to purchase our paid version.

  • For email notification, you need to enable email notifications under "Settings" first. After that, when creating new backup task, you also need to select " enable email notification" option to configure this backup task.

  • For Intelligent Sector feature, it is set for System Backup, Partition Backup and Disk Backup.