System Clone/System Migration

If you want to change a new drive for better speed and performance or just want to migrate your operating system to another drive (such as migrate to SSD), System Clone is a good feature to realize the purpose. It will clone all the related partitions which are necessary for operating system to the destination drive.

To Clone Operating System

  1. In the Home Screen, select Clone on the left column then select System Clone.
  2. Choose System Clone

  3. Select a destination location to migrate your system to the location, and then click Next. If the selected location is a used partition, a window will pop up to prompt that this partition will be deleted or overwritten, if you want to continue, please click Yes.
  4. Select Destination

  5. Review Operation Summary Window, there are two optional functions. You can tick the Sector by sector clone option to copy all sectors of system partition no matter whether it is used or not, but it will take much more time. You can also tick the Align partition to optimize for SSD option to optimize the performance if the destination disk is an SSD.
  6. Operation Summary

  7. Click Start Clone to perform the operation.

For more detail with screenshots, see How to do System Clone?

  • You don’t need to select the system partitions manually, the program will select the partitions by default.
  • The destination location cannot be the source disk. And please make sure that the selected drive is large enough to accept the system partitions.
  • After cloning successfully, please shut down the computer, and you’d better remove the source drive from the computer then restart the computer to enter BIOS to set the cloned system disk as the first boot device then boot from the destination disk. After that, you can connect the source drive to the computer again as a secondary storage device.