How to Do Partition / Volume Clone?

Posted by @AOMEI

June 1, 2017

This article mainly discusses that what partition / volume clone is, why need clone partition and how to carry out the operation of partition / volume clone with an excellent and free software of AOMEI.

About Partition / Volume Clone

Partition is a period of interval on the disk. In general, a disk can be divided into several partitions, which may usually be seen as C:, D:, E:, F:. When cloning a disk, all the partitions will be cloned one by one. For more flexible operations, AOMEI Backupper provides partition clone, which can clone a single partition, rather than the whole disk. For example, the D: can be cloned to E: (clone a partition to another partition), and also D: can be cloned to another hard disk (clone one partition to another drive). 

The concept of volume is similar, but different from partition. Partition is a block of contiguous disk space, while volume is may not be contiguous. For example, first half space of the volume is on Disk 1, while the second half space is on Disk 2. Dynamic disk possesses this feature so as to compose multiple discontinuous spaces into one volume, which has been named "Dynamic Volume" in Windows operating systems. Dynamic Volume consists of several types, such as, Simple Volume, Spanned Volume, Mirrored Volume, etc. Apart from the function of partition clone, AOMEI's cloning software can also clone dynamic volume as well.

Why Need Partition / Volume Clone

Partition / volume may need cloning due to the following reasons:

  • When performing some operations to partition / volume, such as merge partitions, in order to avoid data loss, it is necessary for us to do a cloning as a duplicate.
  • Disk clone cannot meet your needs. For instance, on a disk with multiple partitions, you just want to clone a single partition rather than the whole disk. In this case, partition clone is needed.
  • If there are running programs on a partition, the simple operations of Copy and Paste cannot copy all the data to another disk. Through partition / volume clone, all the data including the denied accessing ones can be cloned to target location.

Clone Partition / Volume with AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper is not only a data backup software, but also a clone software. Through its functions, you can easily clone partition / volume to ideal destination partition or drive without interrupting any running programs. For instance, the system partition, C: can be cloned directly without suspending any running program on it. This function is extremely useful for Server users, because it can avoid downtime to the largest extent. Then, it will be the operating steps in detail of bootable partition clone.

Tip:  download this free software, install and launch it.

First, select the "Partition Clone" option under the "Clone" tab.

Partition Clone

Second, select a source partition (Drive C) that you want to clone, and then click "Next".

Source Partition

Third, select the destination, and then click "Next".

Destination Partition
Note: The destination can be an unallocated space or an existing partition, but all the data on the existing destination will be overwritten after clone.

Fourth, it is the operation summary page. Confirm the operations, and then click "Start Clone". (The partitions on the destination can be resized by clicking "Edit the size of partition" option. You can also have a sector by sector clone to clone the all the parts whether they are used or not by ticking the corresponding option.)

Operation Summary

At last, click "Finish" to exit the interface. 


Download free AOMEI Backupper

  • After cloning to the destination partition, all the data on the destination partition will be covered. Therefore, before cloning, it is necessary to check out whether there is any important data on the destination partition. If there is, find another proper destination or move these data out to another safe place. 
  • In Windows operating systems, partitions cannot be cloned to system partition and usually we don’t select boot partition as target. If you do have to, only  the "Bootable CD" function of AOMEI Backupper can help to set the system drive as destination partition of clone.

  • AOMEI Backupper free edition does not support to clone dynamic disk. If you want to clone dynamic disk, please purchase the Professional Edition.

  • Usually, the cloned partition in target place will remain exactly as the source one, including partition size, file system, primary or logical, etc. However, in some situations, some of the partition properties will change. For example, if the hard drive you perform clone operation is an MBR disk and there are already 3 primary partitions plus several logical partitions on the drive before cloning, you do primary bootable partition clone to a logical partition, the destination partition will change to logical automatically since the primary partition already reaches the maximum number of the MBR disk limit.