Manage Backup Tasks

Posted by @AOMEI

March 7, 2019

AOMEI Centralized Backupper can help you manage backup tasks for your client computers within the same LAN.

AOMEI Centralized Backupper is a centralized backup management solution that enables you to create and manage backup tasks for all desktop PCs, laptops, servers and virtual machines within LAN from a single central management computer. After creating backup tasks, these tasks would be listed under  Tasks Tab, and you can manage all backup tasks you have created in this section.


Backup: Click this button and you can select which backup(full backup, incremental backup or differential backup) you want to do. For the full backup, it would back up everything of source data you select each time. For the incremental backup, it would back up changes after doing full backup and it is always based on last incremental backup. For differential backup, it would back up changes after doing the full backup and it is always based on last full backup. If you still do not know differences among these backup types, please refer to Incremental and Differential Backup



  • If you are running this task for the first time, then this task will run as a full backup. After running this backup task, you can rerun it as full/incremental or differential backup.

  • Once you click on any backup type, the software will start to perform the corresponding backup, please make sure you want to execute it before you do.

Advanced: Click the "Advanced" button and you will see more functions (Edit Backup, Restore, Clone Task, Delete, Properties) to help you manage this backup task.


Edit Backup: If you want to modify this backup task after a backup is complete, then you can click “Edit Backup” button so that you can add computers to perform backup or you can remove computers from this backup task. In addition, you can enable “Schedule” feature for this task if you have not enabled it.

Edit Backup.png


  • You can not edit backup task name, change the backup source, modify backup location and Settings. If you want to change these items, then please create new backup tasks via New Task.

  • If you want to add computers or remove computers from this backup task, you can also do this operation via expanding 1.pngbutton.

  • When adding computers for this backup task, please confirm these client computers that have the same data source( like E: drive)

Restore: This version cannot perform restore operation remotely and it will be achieved in a newer version. And if you want to perform restore operation, go to the client computer and run Aomei Backupper to perform restore.


Clone Task: When you need to perform the same type of backup for some client computers, you can clone a backup task without creating a brand new backup task. If you do not change anything for this cloned task, and click “Start Backup” immediately, then software will run this task automatically and you can edit the cloned task, for example, modify the task name, change the backup source and destination, add/remove computers from this backup task and also you can modify Settings for this task. 


Delete: You can delete this task only, delete the task fromcentral console and the client computers, and delete the task from central console and the client computers and also delete the image file.


Properties: You can view more detailed information for this backup task. For example, you can view Task Name, Backup Type, Created time, Last Backup Time, Scheduled Backup, Image Path, and Comments, etc.

General: You have a general understanding of this task.


Source: You can see what partitions were backed up already and it is related to your backup source. Ifthe source is different, then you will see different information on this interface.


View Logs: You can see the backup result of the corresponding backup task when you click “View logs”. Double click on any line and you will see the result of this backup task more intuitively.