Dell Backup and Recovery Not Working in Windows 10/8/7- Solved

Posted by @Ada

August 9, 2018

This article will introduce you how to solve Dell Backup and Recovery not working. Also, it will introduce you an alternative to Dell Backup and Recovery.

About Dell Backup and Recovery

Dell Backup and Recovery Basic (Dell computer backup and restore application) is preinstalled on your new Dell Windows 7 or Windows 8 devices. It is a backup and recovery application designed to reliably protect your most important digital documents and memories. The paid edition also allows you to create a system image in a rescue disk so as to boot up on the disk while remaining added data and bring the computer back to an earlier date as you wish.

How to fix Dell Backup and Recovery not working?

However, the Dell Backup and Recovery will go for strike sometimes. According to some users, the Dell Backup and Recovery is not working after Windows update. If this is your case, you can follow the below tips to repair and fix this issue on your own.

1. Update Dell Backup and Recovery to the latest version on your Windows 10 PC. Dell Backup and Recovery users who have not updated to the latest version might encounter errors and degraded or lost functionality. It is strongly recommended that you should upgrade to the latest version to avoid compatibility issues.

2. Update Windows Device drivers: Right-click on computer and select Device Manager, expand Disk drivers and right-click on your disk and choose Update Driver Software...

3. If you still cannot solve Dell Backup and Recovery not working issue, you can contact the Dell support team for tech support.

Fix Dell Backup and Recovery not working via AOMEI Backupper

If you prefer a straightforward way to solve Dell Backup and Recovery not working in Windows 7/8/10, AOMEI Backupper is your best choice. It is free and easy to use. Some paid functions of Dell Backup and Recovery like creating system image backup and continuous data backup are free with AOMEI Backupper. Some missing features of Dell Backup and Recovery like incremental backup, disk clone, etc are also included in AOMEI Backupper. To create system image backup, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1. Download AOMEI Backupper and launch the software.

Step 2. Click Backup and select System Backup. (You can also create disk backup, partition backup and file backup with it)

System Backup

Step 3. Select a destination location for the system image. You can backup Windows to USB, external hard drive, SSD, Cloud drive, etc.

System Backup Task Name

Step4. Click Schedule to backup system automatically. At last, click Start Backup and wait for the process done.

You may also encounter An error occurred while creating the rescue disk with Dell Backup and Recovery. In case you cannot boot your computer, you can create the rescue disk with AOMEI Backupper. You just need to click Utilities, select Create Bootable Media and follow the instruction to make a bootable USB drive. After creating the bootable USB drive, even you cannot boot into the computer, you can boot from the bootable device and then restore the system to the previously good state with the system image backup.