Image File Explore, Existing Partition or Volume

Posted by @AOMEI

December 25, 2014

image file explore can help to mount the backed up image file to a virtual partition, which can be accessed from ‘My Computer

After a disk/volume/partition has been backed up, all data on it will be backed up to an image file. The feature of "image file explore" possesses several functions in backup and recovery. As we all know, if there is any damage in the image file, the process of recovery can not be completed successfully. In this case, the function of "image file explore" can help to check out whether the image file has been damaged or not so as to ensure the success of recovery.

The main function of image file explore is to check out what the image file consists of, and then the files you need can be copied to an existing partition or volume. In other words, if you have backed up a whole disk, but you just want to just some files; this function can do great help. You can know more information about restoring parts of the backed up image file by reading the article- "selective file restore".

The working theory of this function is that it can mount the image file as a virtual partition, and then all content of the virtual partition can be explored through "My Computer".

AOMEI Backupper is a powerful and free backup and recovery utility, which is totally free of charge. You can access its function of "image file explore" under the utilities option. Also, you can mount the image file to a partition in "My Computer" and to restore files that you need by "copying" and "pasting".

Here Are the Operating Steps

Step 1: select "Explore Image" under the "Utilities" tab.

Explore Image

Step 2: select a backup task, and then click "Next". (You can also browse a path to open the image file that needs to be explored by clicking "Path" button.


Step 3: on the backup point page, select a backup version (backup point), and then click "Next".

Backup Point

Step 4: select a drive letter (here select the N: letter) for the partitions in the image file, and click "Next". Then, you can see a virtual partition that includes all the contents of the image file though "My Computer".

Backup Point

Step 5 Finally, open "My Computer", click the N: partition to explore.

Note: if you want to cancel or detach the virtual partition from "My Computer", you can click "Explore Image" again under the "Utilities" tab, and then the program will allow you to detach them.