Clone Laptop Hard Drive to New Hard Disk Drive

Posted by @AOMEI

October 17, 2018

For various of reasons, we need to clone laptop hard drive to a larger new hard disk drive. Thus, we write this article for laptop users who need to upgrade or transfer their laptop hard drive, hope it works.

In what condition do we need to clone laptop hard drive

We have many reasons to support cloning laptop hard drive to new Hard Disk Drive or new Solid-State-Drive. The definition of hard drive clone means to transfer data from one hard disk drive to another. After cloning, the data on the new hard drive will be exactly the same data as on the previous disk, but what’s even better is that, all the data, software, applications and settings can be easily used without the tedious and repetitive reinstalling tasks. In conclusion, you may need to clone laptop hard drive in such conditions:

  • Upgrade your old hard disk drive to a new one
  • Replace your small hard drive with a larger one
  • Create a duplicate of your disk
  • Transfer hard drive to a smaller one

Requirements for laptop hard drive clone

To return to the subject, we have two major requirements for cloning laptop hard drive successfully and effectively. The first one is that we must prepare a new Hard Disk Drive or a Solid-State-Drive which is big enough to accommodate your old hard drive and also with a good working condition. The second requirement for cloning laptop hard drive is to install professional clone software. Good assistant software such as AOMEI Backupper would yield twice the result with half effort, it would not only save the processing time but also reduce the storage space for clone operation, with none data loss and reinstallation. One more thing, to connect the second hard drive with your laptop, an USB-to-SATA cable is necessary.

How to clone laptop hard drive to new hard disk drive

To demonstrate this operation, we must first install a clone software to assist, let’s just make AOMEI Backupper as an example. AOMEI Backupper provides two clone options: Partition Clone and Disk Clone, we need the second feature, (Disk Clone) to clone laptop hard drive. Several steps to realize cloning laptop hard drive to new HDD:

       Step 1: Connect the new HDD to your laptop via USB cable. Download, install and launch the laptop disk clone software on your laptop. Go Clone > Disk Clone.


    Step 2: Select the hard drive in your laptop as the source disk.

    Source Disk.gif

    Step 3: Select the new hard disk drive as the destination disk. 

    Destination Disk.gif

    Step 4: Check the Operation Summary. Click Start Clone if nothing goes wrong. 

    Start Clone.gif

        Step 5: Disconnect the second hard drive on completion. Shut down your laptop and disconnect all peripherals. Remove battery and replace the old hard drive with the new one. You may need #1 or #0 screwdriver to uninstall the frame.

         Step 6: Install everything back and start your laptop. The familiar logo ought to be appeared.

Important: Please note that cloning disk to disk via USB cable might fail due to cable connection or battery problem on laptop. Sometimes, this will cause hard drive not boot after cloning. In that case, it is suggested to replace hard drive using Backup & Restore method. i.e. backup current hard drive, create a bootable device, replace hard drive and start the restore. For more information, please see upgrade laptop to SSD.


*The destination disk will be overwritten. All previous data on that disk will lose. Please backup files you care most in advance.

*Edit partitions the destination disk: edit partition size and drive letter, etc. An upgrading might be necessary. You can also enjoy the System Clone feature after upgrading.

*Sector-by-sector clone: clone every section from the source disk to target disk. This requires the target disk should be equal to or larger than the source disk. This option will make edit partitions unusable.

*Align partition to optimize for SSD: if the destination disk is an SSD, check this option to improve its reading and writing performance.

*If the source disk is GPT style, you can only clone up to 3 partitions to the target disk at a time. Left partitions can be cloned with Partition Clone.

In fact, except for cloning hard drive on laptop, you can clone desktop hard drive using the same feature. What’s more, AOMEI Backupper also is the best way to backup laptop. After cloning, you can keep this software on your computer and protect your system and data persistently.