How to Transfer Everything from One Computer to Another

Posted by @AOMEI

August 15, 2016

Knowing how to transfer everything from one computer to another can save your cost in data transfer. AOMEI Backupper can be the best tool to realize this task.

Why transfer everything from one computer to another?

When you get a new computer, what you want to do is using it just like your old computer without too much reinstallation. This means installing all your programs, configuring all your settings and then copy all the personal files. This is a lengthy process. It is severer that you do not remember what programs you have installed and which settings you have set up. So transfer everything from one computer to another is necessary for you to implement the installation of new computer.

Multiple ways to transfer everything from one computer to another

External storage media

The most traditional measure of data transfer is using an external storage media. To complete transferring data from computer to computer using the external storage media, you need to prepare an external device which can connect to your computer. Then, backing up data to external hard drive. Most importantly, extract the external device out of your old computer, and plug it into the new computer . You can restore image to the new computer.

Defects: By this way, you need to plug and pull the external device two times. It is not good for both your external device and computer. And you must restore it from the image file first so that you can read the data. Besides, the speed of data transfer is slow.

Windows Easy Transfer

A file-transfer tool is also useful in transferring everything from one computer to another. There are plenty of file-transfer tool for automatically moving your files, settings and programs to a new computer. Microsoft offers a tool - Windows Easy Transfer. It’s built into Windows. You can connect an external hard drive to your old computer, run the tool wizard to transfer your stuff to the drive. Then connect to the now one, transfer everything from the drive to the new PC.

Defects: You will have to install the programs you use on your new computer afterwards. The difference between this tool and the way mentioned above is that it will help you move your files and some important settings over in a relative fast speed. Besides, it becomes less useful in Windows 8.1.

How to transfer everything from one computer to another using AOMEI Backupper?

We have talked about two usual ways to realize this function. They both have obvious defects in the process of transferring everything from computer to computer. AOMEI Backupper is a backup and restore software which can also help you complete the computer to computer data transfer in an easy way. The File Sync is the corresponding function to realize the data transfer. And we choose NAS as the sync destination. For NAS include sharing technologies such as FTP(File Transfer Protocol) and SFTP(Secure File Transfer Protocol), its speed of data transfer is fast as if you have connected to the local network. Therefore, sync your files to NAS can meet your demand in transfer everything from one computer to another.

Step1. Download AOMEI Backupper, install and launch it. Click File Sync under the Backup option.

File Sync

Step2. Click Add Folder to select the data you want to transfer from PC to PC.

Add Folder

Step3. Click Step2 and select NAS\Share in the pop up window.


Step4. Click Add share or NAS device, then input the IP Address, username and password of the NAS.


Step5. Confirm all settings are right, and select Start Sync to begin the process.

Step6. You can attach to the data using your new computer as you connect to the local network which can attach to the NAS.


● Confirm you can attach to the NAS which you used as the destination path.

● Check the Anonymous box to avoid inputting the username and password of the NAS. But you can not choose some files if you do not input them.