How to Choose One Key Recovery Software?

June 1, 2017

With digital technology developing, users want to choose the best One Key Recovery software to back up system. Of these recovery software, AOMEI One key Recovery is the best one to help you back up your system.

How to Choose One Key Recovery Software?

With computer production becoming fiercer, most computer producers improve their technique as well as change their sale methods. For example, they designed one key recovery software and function to replace the system recovery disc in Laptop. That’s to say, if your computer encounters some accident, you don’t need to insert recovery CD/DVD to get your OS back; just press a certain key to recover your system. How amazing it is! Moreover, this is easier than using recovery disc.

About one key recovery software

Onekey Recovery software is a software to backup system, and store system image to specific palace, such as a blank DVD/CD, USB flash drive, and even computer partition itself. Put it into history and compare one key recovery software and system recovery disc. There are many advantages:

  • Your computer system backup image is always stored in computer, and you don’t have to worry about your computer crash. When it happens, you can press a certain key to recover anytime.

  • It is more easy and convenient for users to operate. Comparing with recovery disc, onekey recovery software is simpler to understand. you don’t have to insert CD/DVD.

With computer technology developing, not only branded computer produced recovery software, but also the third-party companies develop one key recovery software for computer. Many onekey recovery software preinstalled in computer are emerging their disadvantages:

Usually, system recovery partition is created in new computer before put into market, and users will not be required to back up system. Maybe it is good for computer green hands, but to some users who masters computer knowledge, this may be annoyed. Together with system recovery software, some other programs are also preinstalled; but these tools may of no use except for taking up disk space.

When you buy a new computer, recovery partition have been created in it already. If recovery partition is deleted by accident, such as reinstall system or format disk, to many users, they don’t know how to back up system again with built-in recovery function.

How to choose one key recovery software

Now, the third-party onekey recovery software is in prosperity, and users can totally decide which one to choose by themselves, not by computer producers. The problem left to users is that how to choose one key recovery software? Having summarized the comments and ideas from netizens, there are some tips that can guide you to choose onekey recovery software:

  • The one key recovery application should be powerful and the system restored from it created image is bootable.

  • Is it easy or convenient for users to operate? That is very important. For one key recovery software, it is neither a service nor a skill. So, users can’t spend too much time to learn it. If the software can’t let users reach their goal, it won’t be taken by most users.

  • Whether the operating process can be operated repeatedly? In other words, if some steps went wrong, can the tool let us to do it again and computer would not be harmed?

  • The software should be easy to install and uninstall, and the space it occupies must be small. The bigger the installed software are, the slower computer runs. So, as for two kinds of programs but similar in function, the software who occupies less storage space is more popular.

  • The price of the software is reasonable and better free of charge.

If you take the standards above as the judging formula, it is not hard to filter out some branded programs, and they offer adequate function to meet users demand.

It is a good choice to install third-party one key recovery software

Comparing with built-in recovery software in computer, many third-party onekey software are not designed for specific branded computer. Yet, they have been beyond some branded software and break the limitation of brand product. Of these third-party software, AOMEI One key Recovery is a good example. AOMEI One key Recovery likes Lenovo one key recovery, which is a kind of insurance policy for your computer, but it supports backing up all types of laptops and computers, not only Lenovo laptops. Moreover, this program can help you create a factory recovery partition, make system backup and restore in case of system crashes, and you can use it to restore your computer to its factory default or a previously backed up state by pressing "A" during the process of system startup.

OneKey Recovery

The interface of AOMEI One key Recovery is very concise and clean, and it is convenient and easy for users to operate it. There are only two buttons in its main interface. Just “backup” and “recovery”:

OneKey System Backup

Select an existing partition to allocate a required amount of free space for creating a recovery partition, where a system backup image is saved. For preventing backup images from being damaged, the recovery partition will be hidden by default.

OneKey System Recovery

Restore your computer to its factory settings or a previously backed up state. It is the best way to return things to normal when a disaster happens. Support restoring system to original location or other location.

As mentioned above, if you just buy a new computer or reinstall your system, you can download AOMEI OneKey Recovery in AOMEI official website to try. First create an initial backup. Then, when system fails in the future, just restore OS to factory settings from the initial backup.