Free Network Backup Software Protect Your Data Entirely

Posted by @AOMEI

December 25, 2014

To prevent your data from losing due to unexpected reasons, you can use free network backup software to backup your data in advance.

Network Backup Software

Network backup software can help you back up your important data into network. Usually people choose to back up their data to NAS. But what is NAS backup? It means the destination of backup is NAS. NAS is short for Network Attached Storage. It is a storage device which can be accessed by a computer network. In this way, all the users whose computer has connected to NAS can back up their essential data to NAS and on the same time the users can share the storage space with each other.

Why Need NAS Backup?

For person you can use a USB external drive to back up your important data such as photos, working files and videos to avoid data loss. While, for a company there are increasing data each day, the USB absolutely can’t demand the need. But NAS has large size which can storage much data. Furthermore, all computers which are connected with network can be backed up to NAS. In this way all the employees can share the storage space and protect your data safely.

Besides, Most of SSD supports RAID0, RAID 1, or RAID 5, which makes NAS backup more safe. This is because the entire backup may face the same thing: physical destroy which caused by disk failure, the lifespan of SSD or other reasons. These problem can be avoid by NAS supported RAID. For instance, there are several disks in the RAID, when one of the images files is destroyed, the image file will be recovered by other disk. So NAS backup is much safer.

What’s more, there are so much essential data in a company, if any one of them is lost will cause huge loss to company. So in order avoid this disaster happening, NAS backup in advance is valuable.

Network Backup Software-AOMEI Backupper Standard

Everyone knows that, Windows has a built-in tool which can help you back up data, but it doesn’t support backup to NAS and has some limitations. So computer users turn to third-party software for help. However, there are much different software can enable you to back up data to NAS. And some of them are very expensive. Fortunately, there is free software called AOMEI Backupper Standard that can help you back up data to NAS easily and safely. Just do as follows:

Step1: Download, install and launch it. After select the file you need to back up, click Step 2 to choose the destination.

Choose Destination

Step 2: Click NAS and then click Add share or NAS device

Back Up to NAS

Step3: Enter the IP address of your NAS. Also, you may input a display name for this NAS device. And then you can start to backup.

Add NAS Device

With this powerful software, you can do other operations such system backup, file backup, incremental &differential backup , schedule backupand so on. With these backup features, you can’t worry data loss any more. Free download and just have a try.