AOMEI Backupper Network Overview

AOMEI Backupper Network (abNetwork), a centralized backup management solution that enables you to create and manage backup tasks for all workstations, PCs and virtual machines within LAN from a single central management computer.

abNetwork cut down backup administration costs and save much time, you can use a computer as a central server to start, schedule, stop and monitor remote backup jobs for all clients in the network. Once you have abNetwork installed on the central computer and the client program installed on the computers you'd like to backup, you can use the central computer to backup system, disks or partitions of all these client computers to a share or NAS.

New Added Features

Cross-segment Backup
Available to backup local computers in IP segments that differs from the central server.
Add Offline PCs
Add controlled offline PCs to a backup task and these PCs will automatically execute the backup task once they’re online.
Installation Package with Authorization Code
Create an installation package with authorization code. Once the client computers have installed the package, the central server will be automatically authorized with control access.
NAS/Share Management
Add/remove NAS Devices on the frequently used NAS list and manage the account, password, storage of these NAS Devices.
Email Notification
Get an Email notification for the results of backup tasks or warning for low space in a NAS device.
Create Log Report
Create an important log report for viewing and sharing

Key Features of Beta Version

Central Backup
Create a single backup task to backup system, disks, partitions of selected computers to a share or NAS and any open files or running applications can get backed up without problems or interruption.
Automatic Scan
The abNetwork will automatically scan and list all the networked computers online with AOMEI Backupper client installed. To control them, just enter login information or send a request.
Group Client Computers
To make backup management easy, you are allowed to divide client computers into different groups, such as sales dept, technical dept, finance dept. Support to group client computers via IP segment.
Schedule Backup
Set up a schedule to automatically run full, incremental and differential backups. You can perform an automatic backup daily, weekly, monthly or based on an event, such as system startup, system shutdown, etc.
Flexible Backup Rules
Disk and partition backups allow you to specify what will be backed up by creating a template based on one of client computers or choosing specified disks, drive letters or partition labels to match.
Complete Backup Settings
Customizing backups based on your preferences and needs. For example, add comments, encrypt backup images with passwords, choose backup compression level, split backup images and so on.
Logs Report
Centrally view backup status at a glance to examine any backups and diagnose any failures. The report includes computer name, task name, creation time, backup type, result, and description.
Remote Client Management
The centralized client management tool enables you to remotely install, update or uninstall AOMEI Backupper client on multiple computers you’d like to backup.

Final Version Coming Soon!

The following features and improvements will be applied to the final version

  • Remote start up/wake up shut-down/sleep mode computers.
  • Automatically shut down the computers once backup is complete.
  • Increase the success rate of Remote Install/Update/Uninstall.
  • Improve the user interface and interaction.
  • Send a control access permission to central server from client computer itself.
  • Edit backup task created by central server from the client computer.
  • Import and export the settings (task list, NAS info, clients list, etc) of central server to another computer.

How It Works

1. Install AOMEI Backupper Network Beta on one of the computers within LAN and it will be the "Central Management Computer".
2. Install AOMEI Backupper Standard Beta on the client computers you'd like to backup.
3. AOMEI Backupper Network Beta will list these client computers under "Computers" -> "Uncontrolled Computers", and then remotely get the control permission by sending authorization request or entering usernames and passwords.
4. Centrally create backup tasks of system, disks or partitions for multiple computers, and save the backup images to a Share/NAS.
Tips: If you want to backup system, disks or partitions in virtual machines (VMware, VirtualBox, Hyper-V, etc), please install AOMEI Backupper Standard Beta in the virtual machines.


If you are not familiar with how to use abNetwork or have some questions about it, please refer to the resources below

Quick Start Guide Video Tutorial Technical FAQs