How to Work out System Restore in Windows Server 2003

Posted by @AOMEI

December 25, 2014

System restore in Windows Server 2003 is a frequently discussed topic in this day and life. This article will introduce a powerful software that is specially designed for Windows Server backup and restore. It is AOMEI Backupper Server.

About Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 was released on 28, March, 2003, and listed in the end of April of the same year. Windows Server 2003 has several editions to meet different needs.

Windows Server 2003 Web Edition

Windows Server 2003 Web Edition is designed for building and storing Web applications, Web pages and XML Web Services. Support dual processor and memory that varies from 256 MB to 2 GB.

Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition

Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition is designed for small and medium enterprises. It supports file and printer sharing, provides secure internet connection, and allows centralized application deployment. Support 4 processors and memory that varies from 256 MB to 4 GB.

Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

The main difference between Windows Server 2003 enterprise edition and standard edition is that: Windows Server 2003 enterprise edition supports high performance server. In addition, it can cluster server to deal with larger load. Through these functions, Windows Server 2003 enterprise edition achieves the reliability, which helps to ensure the system is still available even when some problems occur.

Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition

Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition is designed to adapt the highest level of scalability, availability and reliability of large enterprises or state institutions, etc. It is the most powerful server operating system which is divided into 32 bit version and 64 bit version.

Why need system recovery software?

Data loss can happen to anyone at any time, that's why people backup their work as often as they can. Windows Server 2003 is born to carry with backup utility, which has an ordinary performance in backup and restore, especially in its usability. In such circumstance, a powerful and user-friendly software is strongly demanded. For Windows Server 2003, if we don't have powerful system restore software installed, we will spend much time and cost a lot of money for the lost important data and crashed PC Server system. Here recommend AOMEI Backupper Server for all Windows Server 2003 users; it will be of great help.

Restore the system of Windows Server 2003 by AOMEI Backupper Server

AOMEI Backupper Server is a piece of professional software which is designed for data backup and recovery and can be applied both in Windows PC and Windows Server. To restore your system with AOMEI Backupper, first of all, you need to do a system backup with AOMEI Backupper. You can achieve this by clicking Backup -> System Backup. Do as you are prompted.

system backup

When you have finished a system backup, you can find it at the Home Column. Next time you need a system recovery, please do as follows:

Step 1: Move the mouse to the System Backup sector, you can see there is a Restore button.

backup management

Step 2: AOMEI Backupper will ask you whether to do a system restore or not, click OK to continue.

ab hint

Step 3: Select a backup time point to restore and click Next.

choose backup point

Step 4: An operation summary comes out to indicate the operations that will be executed. Click Start Restore after confirmation. Then you just wait for the finish.

operation summary

Bottom Line

AOMEI Backupper Server makes it quite easy not only in system backup and restore, but also comes with a bundle of practical features. One thing we should keep in mind deeply is that taking care of our server system security is the paramount for everybody. If you don't have adequate data backup or system restore software on your server, you should never hesitate more and free download it to safeguard your server security now!

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