Backup Software for Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2003

August 2, 2019

SBS 2003 backup software is essential for data security; however, find a proper way to backup small business server is no easy task. Concerning this condition, we prepare this article to guide you how to do backup for Windows SBS 2003 correctly.

Why to backup small business server (SBS) 2003?

Because small business server 2003 is most commonly used in enterprises, so business users are massively and more likely to keep their valuable client information, business records and other classified files on their server computers. In this information age, business information are pervasive in our daily transactions, no company could afford to lose the valuable data mentioned above. Things go athwart, your SBS 2003 data security may exposed to many unknown potential threats, the only and the best way to tackle any kind of accidents is to backup them in advance.

It’s about the time to create a backup for your server computer if you want to prevent these situations which are listed below:

  • Operating system crashes unpredictably

  • Data base or File system corrupt with unknown reason

  • Hardware or software collapse

  • Virus and Hacker attack

  • Partition, file or program deleted by human error

  • Natural disaster such as fire, earthquake or flood

How to backup SBS 2003 server?

There are two ways to backup SBS 2003: Windows built-in backup tool and third-party SBS 2003 backup software.

System built-in backup tool:

Windows small business server 2003 provides a simple and reliable way to perform server backup task, it allows user to backup to external hard drive, networks and some other devices. It can be easily find and used without downloading and installing. Here are two steps to run system built-in backup tool:

  • Step1: Click on the Start menu and find Server Management.

  • Step2: Click on Server Management and then select Backup.

Third-party backup software:

Compared with system backup tool, SBS 2003 backup software such as AOMEI Backupper is more professional and more specialized. It not only optimized the functions which Windows server 2003 system backup tool has but also provides new advanced features that system backup tool lacks. With the help of SBS 2003 backup software, you not only can do system backup, but also disk and partition backup. You’re even allowed to do schedule and incremental backup if there is a need.

AOMEI Backupper

To learn more about how to use SBS 2003 backup software, please read this article: How to Backup Server 2003 System State?

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