Incremental Backup Windows Server with AOMEI Backupper

Posted by @AOMEI

April 13, 2017

With the development of society, more and more users pay attention to incremental backup for their computers like Windows Server, but incremental backup is still lesser known to the general public. Through this article, you may get a brief idea of incremental backup and how to do it with third-party software.

Incremental backup--Safe strategy for your Windows Server

What is incremental backup?

The activity of copying files or databases so that they will be preserved in case of equipment failure or other catastrophes is called backup. As a matter of fact, there are typically three types of backups: full backup, incremental backup and differential backup. A full backup is a backup of everything. A “full backup of C”, for example, would be a backup of all the files and contents of the C drive. If a full backup was done on the first day, the second day’s incremental backup will back up all changed files since the first day’s backup. However, the third day’s incremental backup will only back up files that have changed since the second day’s incremental backup. In other words, an incremental backup is a type of backup that only copies files that have changed since the last backup.

What are the benefits of incremental backup?

Full backup is a good strategy for keeping your computer safe, because even the most reliable computer is apt to break down eventually. It’s recommended that it would be better to make two or more backups of all your files and keep one backup in a different location from the others. It’s unlikely that you do full backup whenever make changes to your machine, full backup is more time consuming and require more disk, tape or network drive space. In that case, incremental backup is a wise choice.

  • Backup time is faster than full backups.
  • Incremental backups require less disk, tape, or network drive space.
  • You can keep several versions of the same files on different backup sets.

With incremental backup, you needn’t to spend a lot of time on full backup and you may keep all your data and files safe as well.

How to do incremental backup?

Incremental backup Windows Server with AOMEI Backupper

It’s high time for you to pay more attention to this backup type, you may notice that there are different ways to realize the object. AOMEI Backupper is running well with Windows Server and allows you to do full backup, differential backup and incremental backup. It’s easy to operate and completely for free of charge.

Windows Server Backup Management
Windows Server Incremental Backup Setting

Note: Incremental backup will take longer time to perform a complete restore, because the first full backup and every incremental backup must be restored. The incremental backup must be based on a backup history and AOMEI Backupper allows you to restore your backups in a shorter time.

Now, you may download the powerful software to do incremental backup for your Windows Server.