Ghost Windows Server 2016 to Protect Your Servers

Posted by @Cody

February 24, 2016

In case of data loss caused by disk failure or system crash, you can protect your servers through ghost Windows Server 2016.

Methods you can use to protect your servers

There are many reasons that will lead to data loss of your server, such as system crash, accidental deletion, mal-software, virus attack. Since the new Windows Server 2016 is not mature enough, it is essencial to ghost Windows Server 2016 to protect your servers. You can backup your system or the entire hard drive to another storage device. If the the hard drive fails, you can restore to a new hard drive. Even if when whole server does not work, you restore the backup to another server with dissimilar hardware. If you only want to protect data drive, you can clone the hard drive besides backup. This article will introduce to you how to keep the system and data of your servers using built in backup tool and server backup software.

Backup server with Windows Server Backup

Since Windows Server 2008, Microsoft has added the backup utility Windows Server Backup as a replacement of NTBackup. You can use it to create a one time backup or scheduled backup job.

To create Windows image backup With Windows Server Backup:

1. Open Windows Server Backup. You can click Start, click Administrative Tools, and then choose Windows Server Backup.

2. On the right of the interface, select Backup Once. If you need a scheduled backup task, just choose Backup Schedule.

Windows Server Backup

3. Select what to backup. You can choose the whole server or the items you need by click the “Custom” option. If you choose Custom, you can include Bare metal recovery, System state, partitions, files and folders in the next screen.

Select Item for Backup

4. Select the backup destination,, you can choose a hard drive, a volume, or remote shared folder. Note that the selected backup destination disk/volume will be formatted before the backup starts.

Select Backup Destination

5. Then confirm the backup task, and click Backup to start the image backup.

The time to complete the backup depends on how many data was included in the backup. However, Windows Server Backup has some restrictions, such as only NTFS partitions can be protected, incremental backup on network share is not possible. If you are not content with Windows Server Backup, you can use the third party server backup software.

Norton ghost alternative

AOMEI Backupper Server is an powerful backup and hard drive cloning software for Windows Servers. Not only it allows you to restore system to dissimilar hardware, but also restore system between MBR disk and GPT disk. It support scheduled full/incremental/differerntial backup to any locations that File Explorer detects regardless of the file system. Besides, it allows you clone system/partition/disk to other storage devices.

To backup server with AOMEI Backupper:

1. Download, run thisServer backup program.

2. Under “Backup” tab, you can choose System Backup, Disk Backup, Partition Backup, and File Backup. Here, let’s take System Backup as an example.

Backup- Tab

3. For System Backup, the software will include the required partitions in the backup automatically. Jsut click Step 2 to specify the backup destination location path. If you need to create a scheduled backup, just click the Schedule button or add a schedule when the backup is created.

Select Destination Location

4. Click Start Backup to run the backup task.

Start Backup

In a short time, AOMEI Backupper will finish creating the backup. You can start to restore the image backup right from the intuitive interface with Windows running, a bootable media created by AOMEI Backupper, or AOMEI PXE tool. This software provides a 30-day trial, so you can get started to ghost Windows Server 2016 by free downloading it now.