Introduction of A Disk Cloning Software for Windows Server 2

Posted by @AOMEI

December 25, 2014

A powerful disk cloning software is vital to operating system such as Windows Server 2012, so we feel obliged to recommend you a Windows Server 2012 disk cloning software, hope you will find our suggestion suitable.

What Disk Cloing Software Can Do?

Basically, cloning software is designed for two major tasks: Disk clone and Partition Clone. Let’s make AOMEI Backupper Server as an example, the necessity of disk clone and partition clone is listed as below.


Advantages of Disk Clone: When you want to upgrade a hard disk, Disk Clone can help you do hard disk upgrade by transferring an old small hard disk to a new large one, this function also can do data migration by moving all the data from one disk to others, such as, migrate HDD to SSD, etc. After transferring with Disk Clone, the applications and OS could be used without reinstalling.

Advantages of Partition Clone: Partition Clone is the topic of this article due to it is a wonderful feature for operating system clone, especially for Windows Server 2012. Partition Clone allows you to clone one partition both to local disk and to external hard drive. In most cases you need to use Partition backup on the conditions that: when Disk Clone could not meet you needs, when the system forbids you to execute copy and paste while some program is running and when you want to make a dual fail-safe to your partition backup images before you restore those files so as to avoid secondary damage to the partition during recovery.

Advice for Windows Server 2012 Disk Cloning Software

To be qualified for Windows Server 2012 disk cloning, a software must have at least two basic features. First, it must can do partition clone. This is because our Windows Server 2012 is located in a specific partition, when we want to clone our operating system, instead of clone the entire disk we only have to clone the partition where the operating system be installed. Second, that software should be equipped with the function to do sector by sector clone. Since sector by sector clone is the advanced version of files-level clone, it works more carefully and more faster than normal version.

AOMEI Backupper for Windows Server 2012 Clone

Refer to the description of AOMEI Backupper Server in the first part of this article you can understand immediately that AOMEI Backupper Server is a professional cloning program for Windows Server 2012, and even for other versions of Windows Server operating system. It not only offers two types of clone options (Disk Clone and Partition Clone), but also provides Sector by Sector Clone. More than that, the most amazing thing is that it allows you to Edit the size of partition. By the way, you can use all the features of AOMEI Backupper Server for 30-day free trial.

Operation Summary

In a word, AOMEI Backupper Server is an employable clone software for Windows Server 2012, apart from that, it is also a professional Backup program. It deserves a better consideration both for clone tasks and backup tasks.

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