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December 25, 2014

To Restore System in windows 7, you can do it with the build-in tool, or use AOMEI backupper, which is quicker and easier. You can even clone system partition to new ones

Before Restoring

You need a backup or a restore point before restore. Microsoft has listed the help file in the website; one passage named Create a restore point shows detailed information. Today, we are going to share another or restore system in windows 7

AOMEI Backupper is a freeware designed to manage data on disk. you can do backup, restore system and files, and clone. Let’s go to the first step: Backup

Interface of Backupper

Choose Backup on the left guide bar, then hit on System Backup, and then select other location as the destination path. At last Start Backup. Then you can see the backed up file listed in the home window. Then Check Backup by clicking downword bottom to see more backup options.

You can see Incremental backup and Differential backup, which are backups for added and changed files.

Note:In the home window, there a downword arrow in “All Backups”, click it to display backup list in different ways.

Restore System

Now we have a system backup in the home list, click Restore, choose the different backups from the list. Then Next to select a partition or volume from the image file, the next step is to select a partition, which is the destination one to restore. Click Next to confirm in the pop-up window, at last Click Start Restore

Note: another way to restore system is the Clone function, which can clone system to external disks. If you are about to install system in a new drive, this function will suite you best.

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