How to Backup Windows 7 with Powerful Freeware

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December 25, 2014

How to backup Windows 7? A powerful and free tool, AOMEI Backupper can easily resolve this problem perfectly.

Question: I am a Windows 7 user. I have installed the Windows XP before, and I have upgraded it to Windows 7, so that the free space in system drive is pretty low. Recently, I have met a tough problem. That is my computer always crashes because of low disk space in system volume. In this case, I have to reinstall the operating system and some important applications in system drive again and again. I am tired of this disk trouble. I just wonder is there a reliable solution to resolve this problem. How to carry out the operations perfectly?

Answer: yes, of course. The best way to avoid reinstallation is to back up Windows 7 with powerful software, and if the system crashes, you can restore it to the precious configuration with the image file. The Windows itself has a built-in backup utility as well. What's more, you can also employ a powerful and free backup software. Then, let's see how to backup Windows 7 with some software.

How to Backup Windows 7 with Windows Utility?

The Windows 7 has its own backup and restore utility. You can access it through the following procedures.

  • First, click "Start", and then select "Control Panel" in the pop-up menu.
  • Second, in the pop-up window, click "Backup and Restore" option.
  • Third, select "Create a system image" in the left corner of the interface. Then the system would list some available equipment for backup.
  • Fourth, select a destination, and then click "Next".
  • Fifth, select the disk or partition that needs to be backed up, and click "Next".
  • Then, just check out the preparations, and click "Start Backup".
  • At last, when it finishes, click "Close".

Although Windows has the function of image backup, it also has many limitations. For example, compared to some powerful and freeware, it does not has the functions of encryption and compression, which can do great help in space saving and data protection. What's worse, its backup method is single, which can not save time in backing up.

Back up Windows 7 with Powerful Freeware

As a fantastic disk imaging software, AOMEI Backupper can easily resolve the problem of "how to backup Windows 7" excellently. The picture below is its main interface.

As for data and system backup and restore in Windows 7, this software has many specially designed functions, such as disk/partition backup and restore, disk/partition clone, image checking, image file explorer, mount, bootable CD, etc.

Therefore, you just download this freeware and try it out right away.

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