Learn to Create Hard Drive Image of Windows 7 Easily and Eff

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December 25, 2014

As for the task of how to create hard drive image of Windows 7, Windows built-in backup and restore utility and AOMEI Backupper can do great help. The latter one possesses more advanced features that can make up for the limitations of the former one.

Since the release of Windows 7, many users have installed this advanced Windows operating system. Compared to the former editions of operating systems, it does possess many new and professional functions. However, alone with its good features, it also brings several drawbacks. For example, as we all know, the size of the Windows 7 operating system is pretty large, so that after installing Windows 7, the system drive would face the "low disk space" problem before long. If the "low disk space" is too severe, the computer may suffer system crash.

In this case, we should come up with a countermeasure before hand. According to many professionals, the best way is to create hard drive image windows 7 with a powerful tool. Under this circumstance, it can help to upgrade hard disk with the same OS configuration, and also it can help to restore OS to the normal state without reinstalling OS if the system crashes.

Create Hard Drive Image with Windows 7 Built-in Tool

In order to reduce the bad effect of these hard disk problems, a new feature about "Backup and restore" has been added to Windows since the edition of Windows Vista. So users can create hard drive image Windows 7 with its built-in tool. Then, let's see how to complete this task of backing up Windows 7 system drive step by step.

  • First, click "Start" and then select "Control Panel".
  • Second, click the "Backup and restore" option.
  • Third, click the "Create a system image" item.
  • Fourth, select a destination, and then select the source hard drive (the system drive will be selected).
  • Fifth, click "Start Backup" and when the operation is done, click "Close" to exit.

Although Windows 7 has its own backup and restore utility, it has several other shortcomings. For example, it just can create a full backup of the hard drive. It does not have the function of image file compression, encryption and so on. So here, I will recommend a powerful and free software-AOMEI Backupper for all the users who want to create hard drive image Windows 7 easily and safely.

More Professional and Powerful Backup Software

As an excellent and all-in-one image backup software, AOMEI Backupper can easily complete the mission of "create hard drive image windows 7" safely and easily. Moreover, it also can do disk, partition clone. As for some other functions, like, encryption, compression, making bootable media, it possesses them all. The picture below is its main interface.

You can see the detailed steps of partition backup here.

In conclusion, if you are puzzled by these problems, just download this backup software to assist you resolving them right away.

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