How to Backup a Windows 7 Computer with Powerful Tool?

December 25, 2014

In order to ensure the data and system safety in Windows 7, an outstanding clone tool of AOMEI can help to backup a Windows 7 computer easily, securely and perfectly. Moreover, it supports all Window OS editions since Windows 2000.

Importance of Backup

Nowadays, different people employ computers for different purposes. No matter it is used for school, work, or others, we rely on it to a large extent. For instance, we used it to store data and file, search for information, do entertainment, etc. All these things reflect that, we can hardly live without computer. It has played a significant role in people's daily life. Along with the developments of computer science, comes the disk disasters as well. In this case, not only the data, but also the system data has faced a lot of threats right now. In order to avoid the bad effects of these threats, backing up computer with a powerful tool is the best solution.

How to Backup a Windows 7 Computer Excellently?

If you want to do the computer backup perfectly, the first requirement is to find a good backup software. Here, a reliable and free tool, AOMEI Backup Software can make great contribution to complete the task. The picture below is its main interface.

As for the backup approach, this backup software possesses three: full backup, incremental and differential backup.

  • Full backup refers to back up the whole content of a partition or disk. Usually, this means is used for the first time.
  • Incremental backup refers to back up the changed or new added files, and it is based on the last backup, whether it is full or incremental one.
  • Differential backup also refers to back up the changed or new added files, but it is based on the first full backup.

The latter two ways both can help to save time in data and system back up. Apart from this function, this magic tool can also clone disk/partition to upgrade hard disk without reinstallation. With clear demonstration and operation wizard, all the operations can be accomplished easily and safely. Do not hesitate, and just download this freeware to try it out in person.

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