How to Automatic Backup Windows 7 to Network Drive with Ease

Posted by @Ivy

June 30, 2017

To Windows 7 home users, automatic backup Windows 7 to network drive is a tough nut. Just relax. I will show you workarounds to do that even without costing you a cent.


There is a real case about automatic backup Windows 7 to network drive.

"When I use Windows backup utility, it only lists a DVD drive as an option to backup, it does not find the network drive (and the tool does not seem to give you an option to search for it manually -- just has a refresh button). Any help would be great."

To sum up, Windows 7 backup and restore is very useful if we just make a system image backup. But if we try to auto backup folders in Windows 7 to network drive, it will not work as usual. Maybe, you already experienced this situation. What is your solution? Is it really useful for this problem? If you are not sure about it, you can continue to see following.

What If You Cannot Automatic Backup Windows 7 to Network Drive?

To Windows 7 home user, auto backup to network drive in Windows 7 is a tough nut. There are some solutions Windows 7 users tried before. Let’s see it together and find the best one.

1. Upgrade Window 7 home series to Ultimate or above. Network drive is a very useful storage to reduce the low disk space of the local hard drive. Unfortunately, The Windows 7 Home series cannot use automatic backup to network drive. Thus, some Windows 7 home users choose to purchase Windows 7 Ultimate or above. In this way, they are allowed to use the installed backup program to backup to a network drive.

2. Create VHD (virtual hard disk) on the network drive. Aside by upgrade your computer, you can create a virtual hard drive on the network drive and then select the VHD as the target loaction for scheduled backup. You can set the virtual hard drive to as large as 2TB. 

3. Turn to a free third-party software to automatic backup Windows 7 to a network drive. Some users try a third-party software. And you can access it anytime anywhere only if there is a local access network. 

From above, you can see three solutions. The third one is greater than previous two. With the third way, you just need a professional software. And you do not need to worry about it and I will offer you one. At the same time, you do not need to upgrade your computer and worry about the space of storage device or the safety of your data. It will not cost you a cent but can easily solve your headache problem.

Solution to Automated Backup Windows 7 to Network Drive

To third-party software, I recommend using AOMEI Backupper, a professional tool, which is designed for Windows operating system both 32 bit and 64 bit, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 etc. With it, you can easily make an auto backup on Windows 7.

Before coming to our point, you need to download it first. After you finish, continue to see below.

Step 1: Launch it and enter the main page. In this Window, you can click Backup at the left panel, then click File Backup.

File Backup

Step 2: Click Add File or Add Folder and select the files or folders you would like to backup. Next, click Step 2 to choose the network drive you want to backup your files or folders. If this is the first time you automatic backup Windows 7 to a network drive, you are supposed to mount a network drive first.

Select Files and Network Drive

Tip: If your operating system is Windows 10, you can directly backup to OneDrive. OneDrive comes with Windows 10, so you do not need to download another one.

Step 3: Click Schedule and select a backup setting from the eight settings according to your needs (take Daily as an example, you can see the following window)

Set Up Automatic Backup to Network Drive

Notice: In Schedule Backup, there are eight options, including Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Event trigger, Real-time Sync, Full Backup, Incremental Backup, and Differential Backup. They all have their features. You can choose one from them according to your needs.

Step 4: After all preparations finish, click Start Backup. Next, the only thing is to wait for the result and check it.

Click Start Backup to Automatic Backup Windows 7 to Network Drive


Up to now, all the process of automatic backup Windows 7 to a network drive has been finished. With AOMEI Backupper, you can easily backup Windows 7 to network drive without upgrading to Professional or Ultimate Edition.