The Importance of Operating System Backup

  • Operating system (like Windows 7) is the core of a computer system. Without system installed, computer hardware alone is unable to function. After purchasing a new computer, you may prefer to install the programs such as Microsoft Office and PC games on the system partition which in most cases, is the C drive. However, if the system partition is impaired by computer virus or malware one day, then there is a big chance it'll be unable to boot up again. In such a case, one has to install the operating system first, then install the games and Microsoft software that once installed on the system partition again. And such reinstallation requires us to find the system installation CD, installation documents of the games. Moreover, we may even try to get the authorization from the manufactures and find license code again. All of these are troublesome and will definitely waste us a lot of time.
  • "I should have backed up the system earlier". Exactly! Backing up the system when it's running in a perfect condition and restore it to the original state when something unfavorable happens could save us the trouble of reinstalling. The system backup function in AOMEI Backupper provides the users with a simple solution that you can successfully back up your system in only three steps.

Three steps to complete system backup

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