The Best Way to Transfer Data from PC to PC

Posted by @AOMEI

July 22, 2016

Using the File Sync function of AOMEI Backupper is the best way to transfer data from PC to PC. You can decrease you workload in using the best war to solve this problem.

The necessity of transferring data from PC to PC

PC is the abbreviation of personal computer. When you get a new PC, you can have faster computing speed, more available space and more organized files. But what about the data on your old PC? Your precious family photos, music collections and some important files are still on the old one. To have an access to your data in your new PC, you need to find one way to transfer data from PC to PC.

Multiple ways to transfer data from PC to PC

Transfer data manually

When you consider the way for PC to PC transfer data, transferring data manually may be the first idea which comes into your mind. To transfer data manually, you need prepare for an external hard drive which has enough space to store all the data on your old PC. You can backup data to external hard drive, then connecting your external hard drive using an available USB port and restoring from the image files to your new PC.

You may find the defects of transferring data manually. The mainly weakness may be the plugging and extracting of external hard drive. Another shortcoming may be the restore process. Because the result of backing up is an image file, you can not read it unless you restore it to the original.

Transfer data from PC to PC using AOMEI Backupper

Is there a way which is handy and efficient to transfer data from PC to PC? To solve the imperfect point of manually data transferring, avoid the insertion and extraction in the process of transferring is the right solution to this problem. Besides, choosing one way which you can attach to your data directly without any switch can decrease your cost in time. So a third party software - AOMEI Backupper can solve all the problem mentioned above. You can use the File Sync function to sync data on your old PC and the new PC. The tool you need is a NAS(Network Attached Storage) which offers flexible network-based storage to home users.

How to transfer data from PC to PC?

As we have mentioned above, we can transfer data from PC to PC using the File Sync function of AOMEI Backupper. Then I will show you the detail step of the data transferring.

Step1. Download AOMEI Backupper, install and launch it. Click File Sync under the Backup option.

File Sync

Step2. Click Add Folder to select the data you want to transfer from PC to PC.

Add Folder

Step3. Click Step2 and select NAS\Share in the pop up window.


Step4. Click Add share or NAS device, then input the IP Address, username and password of the NAS.

IP Address

Step5. Confirm all settings are right, and select Start Sync to begin the process.

Step6. You can attach to the data using your new PC as you connect to the local network which can attach to the NAS.


● If you want to avoid inputting the username and password of NAS, you can check the Anonymous. But by this way, you can not backup some files.

● If you want to sync files at fixed time regularly, check the Schedule box in the bottom of the page.

● And if you do not want to use the old PC, you can backup files to NAS. Through this way, you do not need to worry about the change of original data can affect your data on new PC.