How to Sync Folder to a Network Drive with Ease

Posted by @Ivy

June 20, 2017

want to sync folder to Network Drive in real-time, you could try AOMEI Backupper software with multiple powerful functions

How to Sync Folder to a Network Drive with Ease

Sync Folders:

Sync(short for Synchronization) folder allows you to automatically store two or more identical folders and keep all changed folders from the source directory to destination directory. In our life, there are different reasons to Sync folders to network drive. For example, maybe you want to sync folders from office to home. Maybe you want to see all the prior folders available offline.

Are You Missing Any Changes?

There is a scenario: you want to sync every change in your folders including new folders, changed folders, deleted folders etc, but don’t sure how to solve it?

Some users try Microsoft’s Sync Toy, but it can only sync by hand or schedule. Others try Dsynchronize, it works well but still has some shortcomings. For example: if a large number of folders changed in a few minutes, it can’t sync correctly. Take it easy. AOMEI Backupper can support sync folder to a network drive in real-time. In Real-time Sync, if there is any change happens to your folders, the program will sync it immediately, and provide real-time backup for your data. Thus, you are not afraid to miss any change in your folders. If you want to know more, click: How to Sync Files & Folders in Real-Time in Windows 10/8/7?

Will All Mapped Drive Work?

You want to receive latest information but you may worry about some questions before you start to sync folders.

Is it all mapped drive working in AOMEI Backupper ?

Have you ever encountered this situation? _ you try to sync your folders with Linux format to a network drive, but it can’t be synced from windows local folder to a network drive. That is to say you don’t have right to access the network drive you want. Is there any software can work with a Linux format folders? Yes, AOMEI Backupper can do. It supports all Files System recognized by windows such as Ubuntu file system, Ext3, Ext4 etc. So, it is no use to worry about it. File Sync can help you solve it.

Steps to Sync Folders to Network Drive:

Compared with the older versions, Windows 7 has a Sync Center and can help you to sync folders to network location, but it still has some shortcomings. If you want all folders to be available offline, AOMEI Backupper may be a great choice. Below is the guide on how to Sync folders.

Step 1. Download AOMEI Backupper, then install and launch it. Next, click the File Sync under the Back up tab.

Back up

Step 2. In this window, you need to do two steps sequentially. In Step 1, you should click “Add Folder”, and then choose the folder you want to Sync. In Step 2, you are supposed to select the destination path to store your folders. After these preparation, you still can select another choice below. At last, click “Start Sync”, and wait for a period of time.

File sync


1. If you want to do a real-time sync, you can tick schedule, and then select the “Real-time Sync” under the General button. More information, you can see real-time Sync FAQ

2. If you are still afraid to miss something, you could tick “Run missed sync at the next system startup” under the Schedule button. In this case, you can check sync folders again when you start up your computer. More about Schedule Sync, see: How to Set up Free File Sync Scheduled Task?

Step 3: After sync, click Finish.

File sync progress


In this progress, you could select “On completion” to check its completeness and also be available to select “Shut down PC” at the same time.


That is all the File Sync process. If you just want to sync folder to a network drive, three steps are enough. If you have another needs, before clicking the “Start Sync”, you may set up another choice in File Sync page.