Best GoodSync Free Alternative for Windows 7/8/10

Posted by @Ada

May 8, 2018

If you are you looking for a GoodSync alternative for your Windows, you can refer to this article and get to know the best free sync software.


I’m looking for a GoodSync alternative for my Windows PC, I want a free and intuitive one. And also, it would be great if it is a one-way sync software so that I can guarantee the data security on the source. Any good recommendation? Thanks!

Overview of GoodSync

GoodSync is a backup and file synchronization program. It can be used to synchronize data between two directories, either on one computer, or between a computer and another storage device like another computer, a removable disc, a flash drive or a smartphone. The backup feature allows you to back up your photos, MP3s, and important files.

Backing up and synchronizing your critical documents with GoodSync are as easy as one click. And it can also be scheduled using a variety of automatic options. Here is the main interface of GoodSync.

Goodsync Interface

To sync files with GoodSync:

1. Click New Job at the upper left corner to create a new task. There are only two options – Synchronize and Backup. Choose Synchronize and enter a Job name and click OK.

2. Click the left folder to browse files that you want to sync, and then click the right folder to browse a destination path.

3. Click Options to set automatic sync.

4. At last, click Sync.

Why do you need GoodSync alternative for Windows?

As easy to use as it is, GoodSync has some limitations. According to some users, they want to find GoodSync alternative for the following reasons.

1. The interface is not intuitive as it should be. For the beginners, God knows what the two folders are. Also, the interface is businesslike but not terribly attractive.

2. The free version supports at most 100 files and 3 jobs.

3. It is two-way file sync. If you add, change, or delete a file from any one location, the synchronization process will add, change, or delete the same file at the other location(s). This is convenient in some sense, however, you cannot protect the data security of the source.

4. This software has very limited functions, only sync and backup. You cannot even create disk backup with this tool. If you need to backup the whole disk, you have to backup partition one by one, which will bring much inconvenience.

GoodSync free alternative for Windows 7/8/10

If you are looking for a free alternative to GoodSync, you can have a look at AOMEI Backupper.

Best free sync software

AOMEI Backupper Standard is a free sync and backup software. It has an intuitive and clean interface which allows you to handle it very easily. With this software, you can have a more flexible and advanced choice. You can sync as many files as you want, also you can create multiple tasks with it. The backup feature including system backup, disk backup, partition backup and file backup. You are even allowed to do an incremental backup.

It is one-way sync software which will protect the source at uttermost. When the data on the destination path have changed, the source data will remain intact. It is a good choice to be used as GoodSync alternative free software.

The File Sync feature allows you to automatically sync files and folders. You are allowed to sync any local folders to OneDrive, NAS, external hard drive, etc. Let’s see how to sync files and folders easily and automatically with AOMEI Backupper.

How to sync files easily with AOMEI Backupepr?

Step 1. Download and install AOMEI Backupper, and then launch the software. At the main interface, click Backup and select File Sync.

File Sync

Step 2. You can type a Task Name (this is optional). At Step1, click Add Folder to choose files and folders that you want to sync.

Step 3. Click Step2 to select another location as the destination path. Take NAS as an example. Click the drop-down menu at Step2 and choose to select a Network share or NAS.

Task Name

Step 4. To automatically sync folders to NAS, you have to click Schedule to set it up. There are five modes, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Event triggers, Real-time Sync respectively. Select one and click OK.

Auto Sync

Tips: you can also click Sync Options to tick Enable email notification, and it will notify you when task finished.

Step 5. Click Start Sync.


AOMEI Backupper is more than a backup and sync software, it is also a disk cloning software which allows you to upgrade your disk to another HDD or SSD easily and quickly. You are allowed to clone dynamic disk with this software. Also, you can even clone a large disk to a smaller one.

As you can see, it has so many powerful features and prominent advantages over GoodSync. You can rest assured to use it as a GoodSync alternative for Windows 7/8/10.