Upgrade AOMEI Backupper Standard to Professional.

AOMEI Backupper Standard

  • Complete Backup

    System Backup
    Disk Backup
    Partition Backup
    File/Folder Backup
    Automatic Backup
    Full Backup
    Incremental Backup
    Differential Backup
    File/Folder Sync
    Real-Time Sync
    Automatic Sync

  • Fast Restore

    System Restore
    Disk Restore
    Partition Restore
    File/Folder Restore
    Selective File Restore
    UEFI Restore
    Restore with Sector Alignment

  • Easy Clone

    Disk Clone
    Partition Clone
    Clone with Sector Alignment

  • Powerful Utilities

    Create WinPE & Linux Bootable Media
    Explore Backup Image
    Compress Backup Image
    Encrypt Backup Image
    Split Backup Image
    Check Backup Image
    Email Notification

  • Multiple Destinations

    Backup/Sync to Local Disk
    Backup/Sync to External Drive
    Backup/Sync to Network/NAS
    Backup to CD/DVD
    Backup/Sync to USB Drive
    Backup/Sync Files to Cloud Drive

  • Supported Technologies

    Support 4K monitor
    Support UEFI/EFI boot mode
    Support NTFS/FAT/EXT file system
    Support MBR/GPT disks
    Support dynamic disk
    Support internal disk, external hard drive, USB flash drive, SSD, Hardware RAID, NAS, Virtual devices, cloud drive, etc.

AOMEI Backupper Professional

  • AB Professional not only covers all the features of AB Standard, but also owns the following advanced features
  • System Clone

    Migrate OS from HDD to SSD, SSD to SSD, HDD to HDD, or SSD to HDD without reinstalling Windows and applications while ensuring system will be bootable after migration. Support MBR/GPT disks, UEFI boot mode, mSATA/M.2/PCI-E SSDs, etc.

  • Universal Restore

    Restore a backup image to different computer with dissimilar hardware, or move OS from physical to virtual machine (P2V) by backup and restoration.

  • Backup Scheme

    Automatically delete old backup images based on various specified value to save backup disk space.

  • Command Line Utility

    Perfrom backup, restore and clone operations from command prompt or by creating BAT scripts.

  • Merge Backup Images into One

    Combine full backup and its chained incremental backups into a single backup for better management.

  • PXE Boot Tool

    Start up unlimited client-side computers within LAN through the network booting by using AOMEI WinPE/Linux micro-system or your own personalized bootable image file on a server-side computer for system maintenance.

  • Event-triggered Schedule Backups

    Automatically perform backup tasks based on system shutdown, system startup, user logon, and user logoff.

  • File Filter Settings

    Exclude a certain file extension from file/folder backup or sync.

  • Edit the Partitions on the Disk

    Manually adjust partition size on the destination disk when cloning a disk or restoring a disk backup image.

  • More SMTP Mail Servers Available

    In addition to Gmail and Hotmail SMTP servers, AOMEI Backupper Professional also supports AOMEI and custom SMTP servers for email notifications.

  • Real-time Sync Files/Folders to a Network Path
  • Backup/Restore Dynamic Disk Volume
  • Faster Backup and Restore Speed
  • Higher Priority Technical Support
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    1 license

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    3 licenses

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  • AOMEI Backupper Professional
    AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional

    Complete and easy-to-use backup & restore, sync, clone software for 2 PCs. All-in-one partition software and hard disk manager for 2 PCs. One-time purchase, lifetime free upgrade to every latest version.

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  • AOMEI Backupper Technician
    Lifetime Free Upgrades

    Reliable PC backup, restore and clone software can be used on unlimited computers within one company, and also can be used to provide charged technical service to clients with unlimited usage.

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