Why System Restore Not Working, how to fix it without data l

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December 25, 2014

System Restore may not working when something happens, if may caused by virus or confliction on restore tool and anti-virus program. You can solve it by AOMEI Partition Assistant or run this tool in Sate Mode.

How to Solve System Restore not Working Problem

Use AOMEI Backupper

When build-in restore tool can not work well, AOMEI Backupper (AB) is a system restore software, it will restore it to previous state: run AB, if you had backup before, just click Restore, in the list, choose your backup file and start restore.

AOMEI Backupper

Restoring in Safe Mode

Safe Mode only run essential programs, which are easily runed as administrator. Of course, you can run this simple system to run System Restore: When your computer is booting, press F8 consistently to enter Safe Mode. Use the arrow bottom to select it., and then run System Restore in it, at last to reboot and normal start.

System Restore Disk

A system restore disk always comes with your computer, set BIOS to run as CD, you can follow the system restore option to finish the job. If you don’t have this kind of disk, you can burn it or use AB to create bootable CD/DVD for further use.

Why and on what condition it may happen

Virus infection or anti-virus program confliction. Before you do win 7 system restore or XP system restore, run total scan of virus first to find the virus, if there’s no, turn off the program before System Restore. Please note that, when you turn off the anti-virus program, you computer is easy to be infected, so after restore you should enable it again, or you can disconnect internet when resorting.

No Restore Points available. When you run system restore tool with no system restore location in the list, you can fail too. The reason could be low disk space problem which means less then 50 MB in free space, if so, Windows will not create restore points automatically. But don’t worry, you can use our Partition Assistant to solve space issue.

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