Backup system drive to solve system problems

December 25, 2014

Users often meet the system problems like system crash, hacker or viruses attack. To work out this situation, backup/image the system drive in advance is much better than reinstalling the OS. Then this article will tell us how to realize it.

About system problems

Question: Recently, I have met a headache. That is my computer ran too slowly even the office software could not be opened; at last, the system unexpectedly crashed. What shall I do? I have much work to do and computer is indispensable.

As for the problem above, the only solution may be to reinstall the operating system. That means all data and programs existed on system drive will lose, and we will start them from zero if there's no backup. So reinstalling the OS, in general, is not advisable. But in the following cases, we often have no other choices:

  • When the system volume runs out of space, and no other way can extend it;
  • The system crashes because the instability, line fault, etc;
  • Hackers and viruses attack system and we can not wipe them thoroughly so that they influence the computer performance over and over;
  • System files are deleted by accident.

Obviously, all of the problems mentioned here will bring much trouble to we users. However, if we have backed up the system drive with free imaging software previously, things would be quite different for they can be resolved much easier. When coming across such situations again, we can use the backup to return the system to the original intact status.

How to backup a system partition?

Since imaging the system drive can help us to avoid much inconvenience, then how to achieve system drive backup actually?

Some one may say the computer has this function, so there is no need to worry. Indeed, some operating system has its built-in instrument of Backup and Restore, but the steps are fairly intricate; if you are a newbie, you may often have no idea where to start and feel difficult to finish all the procedure. In addition, it also has some limitations which can not meet all users' needs. So using the snap-in tool is not the best choice. Then what is?

The answer is definitely AOMEI Backupper. This is a very professional backup program which can help us finish the task of backup and recovery with ease. Whether the computer has the built-in tool or not is not a matter because it can support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 both 32 bit and 64 bit. Moreover, every step in the process is expressed by detailed wizard which brings us much convenience. In addition, there are two special features: "incremental backup" and "differential backup", by using them, we will save lots of time because they can only image the changed part if we have already imaged the total previous files.

Surely, except for backing up a system partition, this tool also can backup the disk to keep the whole hard disk in a safe situation. Besides, the function of cloning disk can upgrade the older smaller one continuously on our demand.

All in all, if you have the need of system drive backup and restore, please look for the AOMEI Backupper, there are many other advantages waiting for you to discover. Download here!

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