How to Recover Deleted Files through Backup with AOMEI Backupper

Posted by @AOMEI

September 27, 2016

How to recover deleted files is one thing confused many users, now, you may need not to worry about that since you’ve got a backup of your files, in this article, I’ll introduce you a powerful backup and recovery software named AOMEI Backupper.

What if you deleted files accidentally?

One time or another, one might encounter some sort of trouble in dealing with files, such as delete files accidentally. That is really bad if you delete an important file such as a word document you are writing or an application’s component, if it is the case, it may cause enormous losses and usually used to do the recovery after the data loss.

The file is not really erased when you deleted it on a hard drive. Instead, the tiny bit of information that points to the location of the file on the hard drive is erased. This pointer, along with other pointers for every folder and file on the hard drive, is saved in a section near the beginning of the hard drive and is used by the operating system to compile the directory tree structure. By erasing the pointer file, the actual file becomes invisible to the operating system.

Commonly, users used to recover deleted files with Windows Recycle Bin, which was introduced by Microsoft in Windows 95 and immediately became a failsafe. Even today you need it when you delete a file, since it is the first choice to recover your deleted files easily.

  • 1.Open the Recycle Bin by double-clicking on the
  • Recycle Bin
  • icon on desktop
  • 2.Find the file you want to recover and click to highlight it.
  • 3.Go to the
  • File menu
  • and choose the
  • Restore
  • option.
  • 4.The file will be back on your computer in its original place.

Normally, you can restore deleted files via the Recycle Bin, but there are times that a file is not placed in the Recycle Bin when you delete it, including files from the command prompt or from removable storage such as flash memory. The Recycle Bin is a good choice for users to recover, but not the best ever.

Backing up to prevent a recurrence

No one can expect accidents, but what one can do is to prevent a recurrence. If you delete a file accidentally and the system crashes at the same time while you did not save it, that could be an incalculable loss and you cannot undo what is done.

Then, the best way to keep your files and information safe is that making a backup in advance. After backing up, there would be an image file to recover the file or system to their original state. AOMEI Backupper is a powerful backup software which allows you to backup and restore. It can restore the state to original after the system crashes, virus attacks or hardware breaks down, and it can also recover files or data after being deleted or corrupted accidentally.

The “Schedule backup” feature can help you back up automatically in a timely manner, which could be of great convenience.

Now, you may download the software without spending a penny.