Data Backup Software to Protect Your Data

December 25, 2014

If the data in computer was lost carelessly, a great deal of loss will happen to users. So in order to avoid such tragedy, choose a professional data backup software to back up them previously can make the situation much optimistic.

About Backing Up Data

Data backup is the basis of disaster recovery. It refers to the process that copy all or part of data collection from one particular location to another memory medium, which can keep them in a safe and intact condition. Usually, most computer users would make a backup for their data, because the menaces to data are very difficult to guard against, and once they became real, not only the data but also the system will be damaged. In general, the reasons of making data lose or dilapidate are the following aspects:

  • The fault of software platform which data visits and is handled.
  • Design holes of operating system or "black hole" preset before with some ulterior motives.
  • System's hardware failure.
  • Artificial mis-operation.
  • Malicious destruction by some illegal visitors from the internet.
  • Network power supply system failure.

Except for the listed reasons here, there are still many other causes. That is to say no matter how careful we are, we may not escape the bad fortune, it's just a matter of time. So in order to not suffer the immeasurable pain, we should also learn from these wise men: to back up our data in advance, especially back up our Windows system.

To finish this procedure, most Windows have already added the snap-in function of backup and restoration. However, few people will use it, because many users have no idea where it is or how to operate it. Fortunately, they need no longer to worry for their good friend – AOMEI Backupper comes to them. With this reliable data backup software, users can rest easy to do everything they want.

Back up data with AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper is a professional Windows backup software for both home and business users. It can protect important data by backing it up to a local or CD/DVD or network locations. Only if some bad things happened to them, restoring can make them back to the safe state in a very short time. The following are some of its powerful features:

  • Full back up one or more disks/partitions to an image file;
  • Restore partitions or disks through image files;
  • Incremental backup based on the first full backup or the last one before;
  • Differential backup on the basis of first full image;
  • Clone disks or partitions;
  • Image inspection and browsing;
  • Create a bootable CD/DVD to recover system partition or disk;
  • More...

As we can see, no matter to protect data's safety or to save disk space or to save time, these functions are really quite useful for users. And plus its very friendly and simple interface, I believe it does not take a long time that this data backup software will be your best friend. So just download and have a try!

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