You should Check Image Files before Restoration

Posted by @AOMEI

December 25, 2014

This article is about when and how to check image files to ensure the success of restoration. We will give detailed information about what is image files checking and we will also give a step by step text tutorial to guide you how to realize this operation.

Check image files to ensure the success of restoration

When you want to recover some deleted files by restoring the last backup image, one thing should be taken into consideration before you begin this operation is to check image files so as to ensure the success of restore. This is done to avoid operating failure while you executing restore tasks. For example, you created a backup image for your D partition which includes some documents and files. Suppose you kept these image files in the E partition and for some reasons you need to restore them to the previous status one day; in this case, you should use the “Check Image” function to check if there is any damage in the backup image first.

“Check Image” is a feature designed to explore the integrity of the backup image. If there is any data missed, deleted/transferred or modified in the image files, this feature will give a warning and notice you there is something wrong and you could not recover those data successfully. This feature will absolutely prevent the huge waste of time, however, the Check Image feature only provides function to find out the problem but it cannot solve the problem; then, users should keep their backup data in a safe location beforehand. Make two or more backup and store them to different places respectively if condition permits.

Software to check image files – AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper is professional software which is specialized in Backup and Clone. It sets an example of wholehearted backup service to all users, and its mission and goal is to fulfill absolute safety for data and files. This is not only a software which allows you to realize automatic backup for disk, system or partition, but also a software that permits you to do disk and partition clone. Once you created a backup for your system/partition/disk, you can check the integrity of your backup image with the Check Image feature to make sure there is nothing lost.

Check Image

Tutorial about how to check image files please refer to: Image File Checking Helps to Ensure Success of Restore

If there is data lost in your backup image, then you have no need to restore that damaged backup image anymore. And in that case, you have no choice but to create another backup. You also can use the Explore Image function to mount the backup image into a virtual partition if that damage is acceptable, after that, you can visit this virtual partition via My Computer; find and copy the files which you need to other safe partition.