Backup Compression with AOMEI Backupper

December 25, 2014

Backup compression can reduce the storage space of image file. With the development of the information-based society, computer use has been more and more pervasive. Accordingly, more and more files are stored on computers, which will occupy more storage space. Thus AOMEI Backupper is highly recommended to users to do backup compression.

Introduction of backup compression

Advanced setting for your currently backup task, you could customize your personal parameters when backing up data, including compression level to fit for different storage media. AOMEI Backupper has the function of compression, which can reduce the storage space of image file, because a compressed backup is smaller than uncompressed backup of the same data. For example, the space of C drive is 20GB, but the image file just occupies 5GB after backup compression. In addition, compressing a backup typically requires less device I/O and therefore usually increases backup speed significantly.

When more and more files are stored on computers, more and more storage space are occupied. The function of compression can reduce the storage space. AOMEI Backupper provides the function of backup compression, which includes three levels: None, Normal and High. The compression level is set according to your own needs during backup.

In default, the compression level for a backup is normal. The higher level will make a smaller image file, but the backup time is longer.

None: Data will not be compressed, which may significantly increase the size of image file.

Normal: Data will be moderately compressed.

High: Maximum data compression will take a long time to create a backup.

How to do backup compression with AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper is highly recommended to computer users for its high performance and free of charge. Here is the interface of AOMEI Backupper. For the steps of backup compression, you have a look at Save Disk Space by Image File Compression.

Backup Compression

It is noted that some kinds of files that you backup, such as jpg, mp3, avi. You will find it hard for you to reduce the storage space of the image file even if the selected compression level is “high”. AOMEI Backupper not only has the function of backup, but also has the function of clone and restore. If you want to know more about AOMEI Backupper, please click here.