Will One Key Recovery Rescue Crashed System in Lenovo?

Posted by @AOMEI

December 29, 2014

Once system crashed in Lenovo, you can rescue your system with Lenovo one key recovery, also, you can install Lenovo one key alternartive-AOMEI OneKey recovery to rescue your computer.

Go to work with happy mood, and your computer is always black when you start your computer,. Did you have encounter such problem? Your computer ruins your mood? don’t you regret for that you didn’t back up data and files previously? Don’t worry, there is a magic function-one key recovery-to rescue crash system.

The usage of One Key Recovery

The case mentioned above is one of the countless computer accidents. Besides that, when your computer runs slowly, or application can’t be started quickly, under this circumstance, you can also use one key recovery. One key recovery is the program that can back up system partition and be recovered it when your computer goes wrong.

To computer users, especially to a green hand in computer, one key recovery is very useful, because it can help users to back up system in advanced, and when their computer happened something incident, users can press one key button to recover.

Will one key recovery rescue crash system in Lenovo?

According to the description above, many people seem to know a little bit basic information about computer. With computer produce becoming more and more fierce, nearly all branded computer have been designed one key recovery, Lenovo computer included.

OneKey Recovery

When Lenovo computer crashes, will one key recovery rescue crashed system? relatively, the answer is absolutely yes. Usually, Lenovo one key recovery can solve crashed system, but there are something special condition Lenovo one key recovery can’t do anything on :

  • The blue or black screen caused by damaged hardware. That’s to say, hardware in computer have been damaged, any software can’t solve it.
  • The system backup in Lenovo computer is not create by Lenovo one key recovery. In other words, Lenovo can ‘t recover the image of system that was created by other software.
  • If you changed the volume space of drive C, the system backup may not be recovered safely, and you computer will post error.
  • Due to different models of computer, some Lenovo computer models can’t use one key recovery to recover the computer that is reinstalled system. Lenovo one key recovery can work unless the system you reinstalled is from the Lenovo system recovery disc.

In front of the special situation above, some of problems can’t be solved by solved by any one key software. for example, hard ware is damaged, recovery software will not helpful; and recovery partition is not standardized product, so, it can be read by different software. as for the last two problem. Maybe some third-party software can be more helpful than some branded computer.

Lenovo one key recovery alternative can rescue your crashed system

Some third-party software can be Lenovo one key recovery alternative totally, and their function becomes multiple but easier to operate. AOMEI OneKey Recovery is best alternative of Lenovo one key recovery. It does not only configure the all function of Lenovo one key recovery, but also make up Lenovo’s shortcoming.

  • It supports backing up all types of laptops and computers, not just Lenovo laptops.
  • The recovery function won’t be affected by drive C whose storage volume space is changed. If you changed drive C’s volume space, you can still recover the system image that was backed up by AOMEI One Key recovery previously.
  • You can still recover system after system is reinstalled, even you can recover across system. For example, if you bought a new computer installing Windows XP, and you installed AOMEI OneKey recovery to back up system. After a long time, you reinstalled system and change Wins XP to Win 8. If you want use AOEMI Onekey recovery to recover system during using Win 8, the status and system that will be recovered is Win XP.

As mentioned above, we have to confess that Lenovo one key recovery is powerful indeed, but after all, it is a branded software to serve specific branded computer, and there are some flaws mentioned above. Being its alternative, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is more professional and powerful than Lenovo one key recovery.

How does AOMEI OneKey Recovery rescue crashed system in Lenovo?

Whatever computer is Lenovo or dell, and so on, these branded computer or laptop can install AOMEI OneKey Recovery. The rationale is similar with all recovery software. Users must make a system backup and create system image when computer is in the good condition. Once computer went down or crashed, you can use AOMEI OneKey Recovery to restore your computer to its factory default or a previously backed up state by pressing "A" during the process of system startup.

After recovery, users can be sure completely that the crashed system will be rescued. And computer will run just like the new one.