Lenovo One Key Recovery Partition Has Damaged, What to Do?

September 12, 2017

Lenovo one key recovery partition has been damaged or deleted will cause the program cannot find the service partition, so OneKey Recovery will not work.


Case 1

Onekey recovery won't work after resized drive. One Key recovery message: one key recovery partition has damaged so do not launch the main application.

Case 2

I havent deleted anything but I used all the unllocated space and now onekey wont work, it loads up but says the something like (The program cannot restore the system partition because its structure is incorrect. You may have to recreate the partition to continue.)


Solution 1

If you have a copy of the system image made from windows (not okr) before you mess up the partitions, you can restore from it with a third party program, say AOMEI Backupper.

Solution 2

If you lost recovery partition by accidently deleted it, you may purchase recovery discs and restore system from them by pressing F12 when restart the machine. (Takes long time)

Solution 3

If one key recovery partition damaged due to that you unhide the hidden partition and or created a new volume. The hidden partition's attribute might have gotten changed automatically. Thus, you should re-hide the recovery partition:

1. Open the command prompt type “diskpart” and press Enter to go to Diskpart.

2. Type “list disk” and press Enter.

3. Note which one of listed disks is user’s HDD, type “sel disk X” (where X is number of user’s HDD) and press Enter.

4. Type “list part” and press Enter.

5. Note which partition is WinPE one and type “sel part X” (where X is number of WinPE partition, usually it is the last one and has the biggest number) and press Enter.

6. Type “set id = 12” and press Enter

7. Type “exit” and press Enter

Solution 4

If onekey recovery partition has damaged due to the change of partition size, you can recreate an onekey recovery partition follow this thread. (Complex)

Solution 5

Of course, the easiest way, is to send it back to Lenovo for them to restore everything back to factory default. However, expect charges to be billed against you.

Solution 6

Luckily, there is an easy and safe method to rescue your operating system when one key recovery partition has damaged. That is to rely on the alternative of Lenovo OneKey Recovery – AOMEI OneKey Recovery. No more learning, just like Lenovo OKR. Thus, you just need to follow the easy steps to do whatever you want, system backup or restore (have made a recovery partition first). (Recommended)

AOMEI OneKey Recovery

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