One Key Recovery Cannot Find Service Partition

Posted by @AOMEI

December 29, 2014

There are so many reasons to cause that one key recovery cannot find service partition. If AOMEI OneKey Recovery is installed in your computer, many problems will not be problem.

Computer crashed, and you tried all possible ways to start your computer, but computer is always black. There is no doubt that one key recovery your first choice. What drives you crazy may not be that your computer crash, but one key recovery is useless. Indeed, this phenomenon will happen sometimes, when you startup one key recovery, you software will post error: ”you have to back up first.” Or ”recovery partition can’t be found.” Do you know how to solve this problem when you encounter that?

Why does one key recovery can’t find service partition?

Service partition is the partition to service one key recovery, and it can store the system image. Usually, it is hidden partition. When you back up your computer system, the recovery software will split partition with enough big space to store system image, and the space that is split will be service partition, which is also called recovery partition. If your computer is branded laptop, you will see it in disk management or with some partition management software, such as AOMEI Partition Assistant.

One recovery cannot find service partition when you startup one key recovery. According to data from customer service and testing department in AOMEI Tech, there are some reasons below to explain:

  • You deleted or lost the service partition. The rationale of One key recovery is to recover system image that you backed up previously to C drive. service partition is the place that stores system image. If you deleted your service partition, of course, one key recovery can’t find service partition.
  • You computer doesn’t have service partition. In other words, you don’t make system backup. This problem always happen in computer novices. Some of users think computer itself has service partition, only recovery software installed, it is OK to press recovery button when computer crashes. Actually, if computer is new branded computer, you can think so, but if computer reinstalled system, maybe you can’t use recovery software without backing up firstly.

Besides two reasons above, there are some other factors causing branded one key recovery software post error. although the error is not “cannot find service partition”, you can’t use one key recovery to restore system.

  • You changed the volume space of C drive. if C drive changed, it may affect the function of one key recovery.
  • Your hardware is damaged. If the hardware such as disk or partition is damaged, of course, software can’t rescue your system.

    OneKey Recovery

How to help one key recovery find service partition?

Based on the different phenomenon, there are different ways to help one key recovery find service partition.

  • To install AOMEI Partition Assistant in your computer. There are “Partition Recovery ” wizard in AOMEI Partition Assistant, and it can help you to recover the lost or deleted partition. Once service partition is recovered, you can use one key recovery software to find service partition and recover it.
  • To download ghost and reinstall system, or send your computer to repair. If computer doesn’t have service partition, that’s last choice. In branded computer or laptop, there must be service partition. Only thing you should do is to press certain key to recover computer. surely, some special situation should be excluded. For example, if your computer is reinstalled system , maybe data in all disk or C drive is erased.

That’s the common phenomenon above, actually , in realty, we have to encounter countless of situation. If your computer has other problem, you can post your problem in AOMEI forum to communicate.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery can conquer problems above

Technique developing makes software more advanced, even such software can be powerful than some branded recovery software. Of these recovery software, AOMEI Onekey Recovery is the best system backup and recovery manager. its features are similar with other recovery software, but the function of AOMEI OneKey Recovery is more powerful. Most of problems mentioned above is a piece of cake in front of AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

  • You can still recover your system if your C drive’s volume space is changed. Comparing with other branded recovery software, that is the biggest strengthen.
  • You can install AOMEI OneKey Recovery in any computer or laptop. That is to say, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is beyond the limitation of branded computer. To some users, branded recovery software is more reliable, because it is match with branded computer. for example, Dell recovery software in Dell computer. but in fact, the third-party software is not worse than branded software. AOMEI OneKey Recovery combines all features and function in branded software and makes up their shortcomings.
  • If you deleted or lost service partition, don’t worry, the solution is mentioned above: you can download and install AOMEI Partition Assistant freeware. After you use AOMEI Partition Assistant to recover your service partition, you can use AOMEI OneKey Recovery to restore your system that you backed up previously.

In the ending, Do you think beginning that one key recovery can find service partition if AOMEI OneKey Recovery is installed in computer? the answer is absolutely yes. At least it can solve it and won’t bother you when your computer encounter such problems mentioned above.