Lenovo Onekey Recovery New Hard Drive Creation

Posted by @Helen

September 12, 2017

create Lenovo onekey recovery new hard drive to save Windows system image files in case of unexpected system failures due virus/hacker attacks, software errors or human wrong operations.

Brief Introduction to Lenovo OneKey Recovery New Hard Drive

Lenovo Onekey recovery new hard drive is actually a partition/volume created by Lenovo OneKey Recovery to store operating system image. It will be used to recover system back when original os crashed by virus/hacker attacks, software errors or human wrong operations, etc. Thus, it should be created before accidents.

And, usually, there is already such a partition (hidden recovery partition) on system hard disk which functions like Lenovo onekey recovery new hdd when you first get your new computer. In the partition, there is the image file of system in factory default settings. From it, you can restore Lenovo computer to factory state.

However, if the default recovery partition is damaged or deleted accidently, you have to create a one key recovery new hard drive.

How to Create Lenovo OneKey Recovery New Hard Drive

Make onekey recovery hdd with Lenovo OneKey Recovery

Step1. Launch Lenovo Onekey recovery and choose “System Backup”.

Step2. Select a place to save system image. You can select local hard disk to create lenovo onekey recovery boot disk, or choose external storage to make lenovo onekey recovery external hard drive (eg. lenovo onekey recovery boot cd).

Step3. Review the operation and start backup.

Lenovo Onekey Recovery 8

However, some users may be unable to use Lenovo OneKey Recovery with some errors, such as “current system cannot support backup” and “program cannot find the service partition”. Then, what should they do?

Make onekey recovery new hard drive with AOMEI OneKey Recovery

AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a third party software which functions very like Lenovo AOMEI OneKey Recovery. Thus, for users whose Lenovo OKR is unavailable, they can rely to AOMEI OKR.

Step1. Download, install and open AOMEI OneKey Recovery. In its main interface, select “OneKey System Backup”.

Onekey System Backup

Step2. Select “Backup system to AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition” (Recommended) or “Backup system to other location”.

Backup System to AOME Onekey Recovery Partition


  • If you want to create Lenovo onekey recovery boot disc, say lenovo onekey recovery boot cd, just insert a CD and select it as destination through “Backup system to other location”.
  • Click “Backup Options” on the bottom, you can compress or encrypt system image in the following window.

Compress Encrypt System Image

Step3.If you choose “Backup system to AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition”, here, select a partition from system disk to create AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition on.

Select Partition to Create Recovery Partition on

Tip: the available partition which have enough space to make recovery partition is highlighted.

Step4. Click “Start Backup” and wait until it finishes.

And, if your computer is not Lenovo brand and you need to create lenovo onekey recovery new hard drive, you can only choose AOMEI OneKey Recovery for Lenovo OneKey Recovery only supports Lenovo products while AOMEI OKR supports all kinds of machines. Besides, for different Windows, Lenovo OKR version is different while the same version of AOMEI OKR supports all Windows PC systems.