Why Lenovo F11 Not Working and How to Solve It?

Posted by @AOMEI

May 31, 2017

Why Lenovo one key recovery F11 not working? Actually there are many reasons to explain this problem. If you used AOMEI OneKey Recovery and every problem you encounter in Lenovo will not be problem anymore.

"My Lenovo computer turns black and I have tried so many ways but it is still black." Wow, this complaint is so relatively polite. If you sit in front of a crashed computer and nothing can be done to save it, maybe your words are worse than this complaint. Computer crash, indeed, is very annoying, especially happens at important time. What should you do? Is one key recovery the first savior you can think out? However, maybe it is not almighty.

Why Lenovo F11 Not Working? 

Mary, my friend, encountered the situation that her Lenovo computer crashed. Apparently, she should use one key recovery to rescue her computer system, actually, she had really done this. She pressed F11 after restarting, unfortunately, it couldn’t helpful. Yes, the complaint in the beginning of this article is what she wrote to me. She knows that I’m a guy working in computer science, therefore, she send the message to me seeking for help. 

Why Lenovo one key recovery F11 not working? I consulted this question from my colleagues, especially the technical ones in AOMEI Technology. They send me a PDF with answers to my question. Now, I summarize and publish them here:

  • Different model may have different specific key to startup Lenovo one key recovery. It is no fault that pressing F11 to try to startup one key recovery function in Lenovo computer, but maybe Mary’s computer requires her to press other specific key in order to use one key recovery.

  • If recovery partition is deleted or lost by accident, unfortunately, it can’t work no matter how many times you press F11.

  • If other kind of one key recovery software is installed on Lenovo, it will affect Lenovo one key recovery function. That means Lenovo edge 11 not starting after recovery. 

The possibilities above is only usual phenomenon happens to most users. Actually there are many other reasons to explain why one key recovery F11 not working. 

How to Deal with Problem that Lenovo Factory Reset F11 Not Working? 

There are many accidents happening in computer. Fortunately, there are many solutions to cope with each accident. As for computer geek, the problem above is not a big deal. 

  • To log in Lenovo or other branded computer official website to find answer to the question that which key can make computer startup one key recovery function. Or, you got a simpler way: input keywords to Google and search for solutions. Believe me, most people will do that and they can get much more answers within one second. Usually, you can press F2, F11 when computer boots, even press the button besides startup button for a long time, you will see the screen shown the interface of one key recovery.

  • If recovery partition is deleted or lost by accident, we have to say sorry, and any key won’t bring one key recovery function to life. There are two ways to solve such problem. First, to send your computer to repair; Second, install partition management tool such as AOMEI Partition Assistant, which can recover the deleted or lost partitions with the function ”Partition Recovery wizard”. If the deleted recovery partition can be recovered, naturally, users can use the certain key to recover system.

  • There may exist that confliction between built-in recovery function and other third-party recovery software in some computers. If confliction exists, and at this moment computer crashes, of course you can’t boot computer and uninstall the third-party software, there is no way to do but send your computer to repair. 

In fact, the third situation is the toughest problem. Based on such thought, the importance in the fact is that users choose and install a good third-party one-key recovery software. Technically, some third-party programs are more powerful than built-in software or function, including system recovery software. That’s the reason why users always complain how terrible the self-contained software is; some built-in software or function is lack of personalization and users can’t choose some options depending on their likes. 

Of these third-party system reset software, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is more powerful than others. AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a system backup and restore tool that help you backup and restore system easily. It has made up all shortcomings existing in other applications. What’s more, it has some functions that other software can’t have, such as backup system to other location, restore OS form other place and customize recovery key. 

The Recovery Key “A” Will Always Be Working in any Computer 

As mentioned above, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is the third-party software though, its features and functions are more powerful than others similar programs. It can be installed in any brand of computer or laptop in except of Lenovo and it will not cause confliction with built-in recovery function or software. 

After users installing and launching this software into computer, AOMEI OneKey Recovery will require users to make a system backup. At the same time, AOMEI OneKey recovery will be added into computer boot option. As for this, users don’t have to be worried. It won’t do anything bad to their computer. After initial backup, it will inform users that they can restore system anytime when it is necessary. 

AOMEI OneKey Recovery has very simple and concise interface. Whoever user are, computer novice or geek, they all can use AOMEI OneKey Recovery software to recover operating system when the original one is crushed. 


AOMEI Onekey Recovery

It looks like very easy, doesn’t it? If you want to back up system, you can click backup button; if you want to restore system, just click recovery button, of course. 


Lenovo F11 not working is no longer a problem if you just make use of AOMEI OneKey Recovery and replace it with Lenovo built in system restoration function. Lenovo edge 11 not starting after recovery? Just choose to press recovery key (alternative to Lenovo factory reset F11) of AOMEI OneKey Recovery. It will help you recover crashed OS easily and safely.