How to Create Dell Factory Image and Restore It?

Posted by @AOMEI

December 29, 2014

After deleting recovery partition, how to create Dell factory image and restore it? Maybe you can use AOMEI OneKey Recovery to do it.

"I reinstalled my Dell computer, because I didn't know there are a recovery partition before, and I deleted it. when my computer had crashed, I have to sent my computer to repair. Now, I'm wondering how to backup system with dell one key recovery. It seems there is no backup function, and many people are searching for Dell one key recovery online."

This post is one of millions of posts about computer problem, and it reflects that some users want to know how to backup system with computer built-in recovery software, including recover system with it, of course. Actually, in term of system recovery, some users know how to operate, but, what bothers users is that how to backup system with branded recovery software. As posts written that it seems that there is no backup.

How to backup and restore system with branded recovery software?

Usually, when you buy new computer, there are recovery partition created by computer producers. When your computer crashes, you just press specific key, and then enter branded recovery software to restore system image, which is stored in recovery partition. some people may be concerned about backup. yes, that’s what we stress: maybe you have notice a phenomenon that there is not icon about Dell one key recovery software. Actually, no matter backup or recovery, the one key system backup and recovery is hidden, you have to press specific key to enter recovery software. according to the answer from customers’ service of DELL computer, the operation of system backup or recovery is following below:

  • Startup computer and press F8 when prompting word showing up. After entering Advanced Boot Option of computer (Win 7 is example to demonstrate),please choose "Fix computer".
  • Choose keyboard input method.
  • If there has administrate passwords, computer will require input password; if not, press "OK".
  • After selecting system recovery option, please select "Dell DataSafe recovery and emergency backup".
  • Choose "Select other system backup or more option", and then, please click "Next".
  • Choose "Restore my computer”, and then, click "Next".
  • After choosing right factory system image, click "Next" and computer will start to restore system to factory setting status.

Tips:During system recovery, Laptop need to connect AC adaptor. After finishing recovery, please restart computer.

Do you notice some options in Dell recovery software? the procedure above describes system recovery, though, if you want to make a system backup, you have to restart and enter Advanced Boot Option.

Many computers, notably branded computers, have their own branded recovery software, but it is preinstalled before computer is delivered out of factory. In other words, you are almost impossible to download branded program online, even in computer official website. To solve the problem in the beginning, maybe the third-party software is better consideration.

Create Dell factory image and restore it with third-party software

Third-party software, is not designed for some branded computer, so, it has broken the limitation of branded recovery and backup software, such as: it is only allowed to install the specific computer or can’t find the software’s icon. Being the third-recovery software, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is good software that can install any type of computer or laptop and can create factory image for any branded computer. there is a guide to teach you how to create Dell factory image and restore it with AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

Step 1. Download, install AOMEI OneKey Recovery, and then, you will find its icon. Launch AOMEI OneKey Recovery, and you will see the interface like the picture below:

Choose option

Step 2. You can click "OneKey system Backup", and then, you have to choose way to backup. there are two ways to let you choose.

Select option

What is difference between two options above? And for more operating steps please visit How to Make a Factory Recovery Partition to Protect Windows System?

After you backup system, no matter how you change the space of drive C or recovery partition, it won’t affect system recovery, and this feature is different from some branded software.