How to Create One Key Rescue Partition in Windows Computer?

Posted by @AOMEI

July 12, 2016

To prevent your Windows computer crashing, you can create one key rescue partition. There are two ways to do it. The third-party software - AOMEI OneKey Recovery or brand computer one key recovery.

A huge number of computers will get stuck when they run for a long time, and even break down. Most people may choose to re-install system. Indeed, it is a solution, but it will come with a high price, which does not only contain your money, but also your data and files. Certainly, some people are very wise to create one key rescue partition when their computers is in good condition. When computer crashes, they can restore rescue partition. This way can save much time and money, and just with one key, computer system can be restored easily. So, when your computer runs well, you can create one key rescue partition for your computer. Once computer crashes, you can restore your system easily and fast.

How to create one key rescue partition?

With computer technology developing, besides build-in system backup program, many computer manufacturers have pre-installed their branded one key recovery on computer, such as Lenovo one key recovery, Dell system backup and recovery; and some third-party software such as AOMEI OneKey Recovery has emerged. Due to the fact that build-in system backup program can’t make one key rescue partition, therefore, you can consider to create it with branded one key recovery or the third-party software.

Use branded computer one key recovery to do it

The premise to use preinstalled backup program is to download and install the system backup and restore software corresponding to computer brand. If there is such program in your computer, please restart computer and press hot key to launch it. Because branded system backup software can’t generate icon on desktop, and you have to press specific key such as delete, or F2, etc, to launch its system backup software.

For computer users, it is so considerate to back up system with preinstalled backup and restore software. But there are too many limitations on computer that is shipped with branded one key recovery. You can’t change the size of C drive or hidden partition, or operating system can’t be re-installed. If you do that, you have to say good bye to your recovery partition.

Use third-party software to do it

A growing number of third-party software are powerful than branded computer one key recovery, and AOMEI OneKey Recovery is one of them. It is not only very sate but also has broken the limitations that the size of partition can’t be changed, or system can’t be re-installed. In other words, if you change the size of partition, or re-install system, you are still able to restore one key rescue partition. There is accurate steps to guide you how to create one key rescue partition:

Step 1. Download and install AOMEI OneKey Recovery, and the interface is like the picture below. Please click on “OneKey System Backup”


Step 2. Select a way to backup system. There are two ways to backup system-backup system to recovery partition or backup system to other location. Due to the fact that you want to create one key rescue partition, please select the first option, and click on “Next”.


Step 3. Choose a partition to backup system. All partitions that have sufficient space to create a recovery partition will be highlighted. You can choose one of them to create a recovery partition. After selecting, you can click on “Start Backup”.


You can create one key rescue partition with only three steps. Comparing with branded computer one key recovery, AOMEI OneKey Recovery will generate an icon and you can click on it to launch software, and also, it will add to the boot option. After you create one key rescue partition with AOMEI OneKey recovery, program will inform you to press A or F11 to launch it when start computer. Although your computer breaks down, you can easily restore rescue partition.