How to Quickly Create Asus System Recovery Partition?

October 12, 2018

Asus assistant tool Backtracker can help you make Asus recovery USB. Or, you can create Asus recovery partition by AOMEI OneKey Recovery with much easiness.

What Is Asus System Recovery Partition?

It is a partition contains Asus recovery image, usually of factory defaults. When there is need to restore system, say current os failed to boot up, users can restore their operating system back to factory settings using such image file. Such partition is also called Asus system recovery disk/disc or Asus recovery drive.

And, it is not the only way to store system image file. Images can also be saved in DVD, CD, USB, etc. therefore, there are Asus system recovery dvd, asus system recovery cd, Asus recovery usb and so on. All these and those above can be called Asus recovery media or device.

How to Access Asus System Recovery Partition?

It is easy to find Asus recovery partition.

1. Power on your computer, when Asus logo shows up, press F9 key immediately.

2. Next, select “Windows Setup”.

3. In the pop-up menu listing all partitions on your computer. Select the system recovery partition.

Tips: If you want to know how to make use of Asus system recovery partition, please visit Asus One Key System Recovery Reset to Factory Default Settings.

How to Create Asus System Recovery Partition?

Here, I will introduce you two ways to make Asus recovery partition.

Asus Backtracker Create System Recovery Usb

Usually, there is already an ASUS recovery partition together with operating system in the new machine when you get it. And, in the past, when you purchase a Notebook, you will get an Operation System recovery DVD. Although ASUS Notebook doesn’t provide the recovery DVD now, you can still make the recovery DVD by the ASUS App. If your notebook don’t have CD-ROM drive or the architecture of the Windows is much bigger than before that one piece of DVD is not able to back up the whole image of the Operation System, you can still use Backtracker released by Asus to back up the Operation System image to a USB drive.

Before start, you should prepare a USB flash drive no small than 16GB and plug it into your computer. Then, download Backtracker and install it.

Please note that Backtracker will only backup the non-damaged Asus recovery partition to make an Asus recovery USB and only when default os is working. Moreover, it only supports ASUS Notebook with Windows 8/ Windows 8.1.

Step1. Open Backtracker and “Get Started”.

Asus Backtracker

Step2. Start back up the factory recovery image.

Asus Backtracker Backup Factory Recovery Image Start

Step3. Select your USB device.

Asus Backtracker Select USB

Step4. It will inform you about some notices. If there are import data on the object usb, backup them to other place first.

Asus Backtracker Backup Factory Recovery Image Warn

Step5. Wait until it finishes. It will take some time, take your patience and do not do other actions on your machine during this period of time.

Create System Recovery Partition with AOMEI OneKey Recovery

As mentioned above, there are limitations of Asus Backtracker. If you installed the new computer by yourself (means there is no recovery partition); if the recovery partition is damaged; if current system does not work or if your machine is not ASUS notebook of Windows8/8.1, what you can do since Asus Backtracker does not apply to these situations?

Luckily, there is another software which can help you create Asus recovery media - AOMEI OneKey Recovery. It is a third party tool specially designed for system backup and restore. It does back the current system instead of system image in recovery partition. Thus, even if there is no system recovery partition in your computer, you can still create Asus recovery image without doubt. And, it supports almost all Windows systems including Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Download and install it to have a try!

Step1. Open it on your desktop, laptop, notebook, etc. select “OneKey System Backup”.

Onekey System Backup

Step2. There are two choices. “Backup system to AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition” and “Backup system to other location”. The first one is recommended.

Backup System to AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition

Step3. Choose a partition which have enough free space to create Asus system recovery partition and click “Start Backup”. The available partitions are highlighted. You’d better not choose system partition here.

Select Partition to Create Recovery Partition on

Step4. Wait until it finishes.

If the operating system has already crashed out of usage, you can still rescue it by using AOMEI Products. Install AOMEI PE Builder, a FREEWARE developed by AOMEI Technology, on another working computer. Then, create a Windows PE into a USB drive. Also, backup its system (use AOMEI Backupper) and save its image into this USB. Then, plug this USB into crashed machine to boot from the usb and use built-in AOMEI Backupper to restore the system image to crashed computer.