What Is Acer Restore Key to Recover Operating System?

Posted by @Helen

July 29, 2016

“Alt + F10” is Acer restore key to recover Windows operating system form not working due to virus/hacker/malware attacks, software errors, wrong operations, etc.

What Is “Acer Restore Key”?

“Restore key”, also called “recovery hotkey” “reset key” or “reset button”, refers to one or a set of shortcut keys which can trigger the computer boot into recovery environment when power the computer on. These keys are used when people need to restore their system back when current OS destroyed by virus/hacker/malware attacks, software errors, wrong operations, etc.

The keys need to cooperate with specified recovery tools. For most brand computers, they have their own built in system recovery tool. Therefore, they have their own restore keys. Acer brand snap in system recovery program is eRecovery Management and its Acer erecovery key is “Alt + F10”.


How to Use Acer Restore Key?

Easily, you need to make the computer is power off first. Then, power on the machine. When its logo shows up, press down “Alt” and continuously tap “F10” until the computer responses to your action. Then, it will enter into system recovery environment and Acer eRecovery Management will be at your service. Then, just follow the guidance to finish Acer system recovery process.

Acer eRecovery Management Windows 8

Tip: The usage of other brand computers’ reset keys are just the same as Acer recovery hotkey.

Alternative to Acer Reset Button

Though there are many brand computers recovery keys, they are respectively belong to different brands and reset key for one brand can’t be used on another brand. That is to say, restore key associate with brand computer built in recovery tool is unique.

However, there can be another recovery key for the same computer. For instance, an Acer Aspire One computer, except Acer reset key “Alt + F10”, it can be restored through “A” or “F11” only if it makes use of AOMEI OneKey Recovery. To make it easy, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a third party alternative to brand computer snap in system recovery tools, including Acer, Lenovo, Asus, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, etc. As long as you have previously made a recovery media (partition, USB, ISO image file, etc.), you can use its special recovery hotkey “A” or “F11” to enter into AOMEI recovery environment when power up the machine and conduct operating system restoration.

OneKey System Recovery