Acer eRecovery Management in Windows XP Operating System

Posted by @Helen

July 29, 2016

Here, I will talk about Acer computer built in operating system recovery tool – Acer eRecovery Management for Windows XP.

What Is Acer eRecovery Management XP?

Acer eRecovery Management XP refers to the Acer computer snap in operating system recovery tool – Acer eRecovery Management for Windows XP. Yes, it implies that Acer system restoration tool in different OS is different, but they all called Acer eRecovery Management. To verify them, we add system into its name. Then, here comes Acer eRecovery Management Windows XP, Acer eRecovery Management Windows 7, Acer eRecovery Management Windows 8, Acer eRecovery Management Windows 10, etc.

Why Introduce Acer eRecovery Management XP?

Yes, as Microsoft has upgraded its Windows operating system to more advanced versions, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 as well as the newest Windows 10, less and less people are using old Windows XP system now. Computer manufactories have already stopped embedded their products with XP OS and there is nearly no new users of this operating system. Then, why I still plan to introduce Acer eRecovery Management XP to you?

Though Windows has keeping updating and becoming more and more powerful and friendlier to use, the basic functions are still the same as what it were in old versions, so as Acer eRecovery Management. Thus, if you get to know the functions of Acer eRecovery XP, you get to know the functions of Acer eRecovery Management Windows7, Acer eRecovery Management Windows 8, and Acer Recovery Management Windows 10.

Acer eRecovery Management XP Functions


Create an operating system backup and generate image files.

Acer eRecovery Management XP Backup

Burn Disk

Burn backup image files into hard disks. There are all four options:

  • Burn a backup disk using factory default: There is a hidden system recovery partition stored factory default system image on the same disk of operating system. The recovery partition already exists when you first get your computer and it is created when it is in factory. You can burn the system image into external hard discs, CD or DVD.
  • Burn a backup disk using user’s backup: You can burn the system image created by yourself after you get your machine into CD/DVD.
  • Copy current system configuration to disk: Make a system backup right now and store image files directly into CD/DVD.
  • Burn an application backup disk: Backup only applications and store image into CD/DVD.

Acer eRecovery Management XP Burn Backup Disk


Restore operating system or application to factory defaults or former good condition. Still, there are four selections:

  • Restore system to factory default: Restore from factory default system backup.
  • Restore system from user backup: Restore form the system backup you created by your own.
  • Restore system from CD/DVD: Restore from the image you burned into CD/DVD.
  • Reinstall applications/drivers: Reinstall only factory default drivers or applications.

Acer eRecovery XP Restore

Acer eRecovery Management XP Alternative

There are different versions of Acer eRecovery Management for different versions of Windows and they cannot be mixed use. That is to say, Acer eRecovery Management XP is unavailable in other Windows OSs. Therefore, if you updated your system to Windows 7, for example, Acer eRecovery Management XP will not work anymore. You may upgrade Acer eRecovery Management XP to Acer eRecovery Management Win7 or just fresh install Acer eRecovery Management Windows 7 if you can find where to download it. However, what you lost forever is the function to do factory recovery for the connection between factory recovery partition and Acer eRecovery Management has broken. Even more, maybe all the backups you created by Acer eRecovery Management XP will become unavailable after upgarde.

It sounds that we have to sacrifice something to get system upgraded. Luckily, you do not have to if you make use of AOMEI OneKey Recovery for it supports all Windows PC systems (XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10) as well as Windows Server systems (2003/2008/2011/2012). Moreover, except for Acer computer, it still supports other brand computers, such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, ASUS, etc.

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