How To Do Acer Aspire One Recovery?

Posted by @Helen

November 14, 2016

This piece of essay will talks about how to do Acer aspire recovery with Acer aspire recovery partition or Acer aspire recovery CD/DVD/USB etc.

About Acer Aspire Recovery

Acer aspire recovery refers to operating system recovery of Acer Aspire series products including laptops (Aspire One, Aspire E, Aspire F, Aspire R, Aspire S 13, Aspire Switch, Aspire V Nitro) and desktops (Aspire T, Aspire X, Aspire Z All-In-One). In most cases, it refers to Acer Aspire One recovery since Aspire One is the most popular branch.

Do Acer Aspire Recovery with Acer eRecovey Management

Usually, Acer users will take Acer eRecovery Management as their first option to do recovery Acer aspire. And, they do restoration work with either Acer aspire recovery partition or Acer aspire recovery CD/DVD/USB etc.

Step One - Open Acer eRecovery Management.

  • If you can log into Windows, Type “acer recovery” in the search box and click “Acer Recovery Management” to open Acer Recovery Management. Or, just follow “Start” > “All Apps” > “Acer” folder > “Acer Recovery Management” to access Acer Recovery Management in Acer Care Center.
  • If not, press “Alt + F10” when power on the machine until it replies to your action. Then, you can access the recovery software.

Step Two - Select restore type.

  • Restore Operating System to Factory Defaults
  • Restore Operating System and Retain User Data
  • Reinstall Drivers or Applications

Acer eRecovery Management Windows 7

Choose the proper one and continue Acer aspire one recovery with guidance. In most cases, users pick the first one.


Do Acer Aspire Recovery with AOMEI OneKey Recovery

AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a 3rd party software which is professional at system backup and restore. To do Acer Aspire One recovery with AOMEI OneKey Recovery, there should first be a recovery media (recovery partition or discs) made by it. Therefore, for users whose computer is still working, please create a recovery media ASAP under the help of onekey recovery.

Let’s assume there is a recovery partition or image file made by onekey recovery before. The recovery acer aspire is like following process.

Step One – Open AOMEI OneKey Recovery. If you can still log into Windows, just find it and open it. If not, press “F11” or “A” (according to your settings when you create recovery device) when start the computer. Then, it will automatically open.

Step Two - In the main window, select “OneKey System Recovery”.

onekey system recovery

Step Three– Choose restore source, AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition or a system image file.

Restore System from AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition

Step Four – Preview restoration result and clicking “Start Restore”.

Restore and Confirm

Unlike Acer eRecovery Management, every version or edition of AOMEI OneKey Recovery applies to all Windows PC operating systems. Its advanced editions also support Windows Server systems. It also get upgrade, but only upgrade to add more functions and optimize original features. Moreover, besides Acer products, it still supports Lenovo, HP, Dell, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Asus, etc.

There are all five editions of AOMEI OneKey Recovery: Free, Professional, Family Pack, Technician as well as Customization. Except for Free edition, the other four editions are paid editions.

  • Paid editions support to backup system to other locations, change the compression level of the backup image, encrypt backup image, restore by selecting an image file from other locations, etc.
  • Family Pack, and Customization editions support Windows Server systems.
  • Technician and Customization editions allow charged technical service to your clients and support lifetime free upgrades.
  • Specially, Customization edition supports to customize logo, UI and rebrand.

To learn more differences among AOMEI OneKey Recovery different editions, please visit edition comparison page.


For Acer aspire recovery, it is very easy. Just choose one tool, Acer eRecovery Management or AOMEI OneKey Recovery, and start.