Reliable Automatic Backup Data to Network Drive

October 19, 2016

Nowadays network technology is applied in life and work, and automatic backup data to network drive are done for data protection according to technology age.

Why to Automatic Backup Network Drive?

Under technology age, people do many things by computers, so large data is stored in computers. If there are fires, thefts, disasters, disk bad sectors etc, all those maybe cause hard drives fail and cannot work, even data loss. This is computing life in fact. But it is not a matter that your computer disk will stop working, just it will bring troubles for life because some fragments of life exist in computer, such as some photos, games, movies, office documents etc., if you need them urgently, you will feel very anxious.

It is an indispensable thing to back up your important data on computer. There are two methods to regular backups for your computer, backing up to an external hard drives or another computer, and backing up data to network drives. Local backup is fast for data recovery while internal drives crash or you suddenly delete a file. But if fire occurs in your house and y hard drives get burned, although you back up photos, documents, applications, movies and files, you still loss this data. However, automatic backup network drive will not be this situation.

How to Automatic Backup Data to Network Drive

Generally, some users use the built-in backup tool in Windows system, but its function is not all-inclusive and cannot solve users’ backup problem effectively and quickly. In that case, choosing a third backup software is a wise choice. AOMEI Backupper will be a good assistant for automatic backup network drive.

File backup, folder backup, disk and partition backup, system backup, scheduled backup are supported by AOMEI Backupper. Storage destination contains internal or external hard drives, USB, and NAS etc. How to backup to network drive automatically?

1. Select data you want to backup, file or folder, system, disk or partition. If you need file and folder backup, firstly add file or folder to backup.

2. Then select network drive as storage place. Here you need add “share or NAS device” and can backup data to network derive.


3. Then you also need to set automatic backup.


4. After finish these settings, you can start to back up data to network drives regularly.

In conclusion, with AOMEI Backupper assistance, it is very simple for reliable automatic backup network drive. You never worry about data loss. If you want try it, please download.