The Ways for creating Image of My Drive in Acer

Posted by @Cherry

May 31, 2016

How to image my drive in Acer? Imaging hard drive in Acer could be very simple and easy if you take a use of the third party software AOMEI Backupper.

Why you want to image your drive in Acer?

“I use Acer desktop for my work, and recently I would like to image my hard drive, here is my question: how to image my drive in Acer?”. A user asked.

Why you want to image your hard drive? With the experience of using computer, you may know that data stored on computer’s hard drive may loss because of many reasons. Such as the virus attack, the wrong operation, the unexpected deletion, the broken of hard drive, etc. You will loss your data permanently if you meet one of the accidents. To keep data safe, backup hard drive is very effective. Thus, image hard drive in Acer should be the best way to keep your data safe. Once the data loss, you can use the image file to restore it in short minutes.

How to image drive in Acer?

“How to image my drive in Acer”? You may ask like that. It does really a question that users want to know. Luckily, this article will introduce you two ways for imaging hard drive in Acer.

1. Imaging drive in Acer with Acers Backup Manager

Acer has a tool named Acer’s Backup Manager, which has an option for imaging your drive. It allows you to backup the entire hard drive as the following steps:

1>. Click Start-> All Programs, find the Acer Backup Manager Folder, then click Acer Backup Manager. And the Acer Backup Manager window will be opened.

2>. ClickImage My Drive in the Acer Backup Manager window.

3>. Then, select the drive you want to image, click Next.

4>. Select a destination place where you want to store the hard dive image on. You can store it on to removable drive like external hard drive or USB flash drive, store it on a local hard drive, or a CD/DVD. Click Next to go on.

5>. Then, you can set up a schedule for when the backup should take place, or you can choose to do it manually, and it enables you to compression data, or encrypt data, edit it and click Save and give a name for your backup.

6>. Then, click OK to start the job. Once it finished, you will be prompt to create a bootable CD/DVD so that you can use it to restore your complete system backup. If you need one, do as the wizard step by step.

2. Imaging hard drive in Acer with AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper is a powerful backup software for Windows users. It can backup hard drive in Acer with a few mouse-clicking only. The Standard edition is free for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. So if you are a Windows PC user, download the freeware, and using it for imaging your hard drive in Acer.

Step1. Install and launch the progress, it will show you its friendly interface. To image your hard drive in Acer, click Backup-> Disk Backup.

Disk Backup

Step2. Then you will get in to the window for you to choose the source disk and destination place.

Backup Disk

Click “Step1” to select the disk you want to backup.

Source Disk

Then, click “Step2” to select a place to store the image backup on. Here we choose image the hard drive to another local hard drive. You can also backup to external hard drive, or back it up to NAS too.

Destination Space

Step3.Then, you can click Start Backup to start the program.

Start Backup


Backup Options is for adding comments, encrypting backups, compressing large files, and so on.

Schedule is for setting up an automatic backup for daily, weekly, monthly. And you can choose to do an incremental or differential backup in Advanced tab.

After reading those two ways for imaging hard drive in Acer, you may have the answer for “how to image my drive in Acer?”. The Acer does have its own backup manager, it is more complex. While the AOMEI Backupper can free image hard drive with simple steps. Besides backing up hard drive, AOMEI Backupper supports you backup system, partition, and you can use it to sync files free. It is worth to have for keeping data safe.