Deploy Image to Multiple Virtual Machines

Posted by @Cody

January 4, 2017

Learn to deploy image to multiple virtual machines (VMware, Virtualbox, Hyper-V) from a physical PC or server step by step.

Deploy image to virtual machines

If you want to create a large number of similar virtual machines, you can deploy image to multiple virtual machines (VMware, Hyper-V, or VirtualBox) from a custom computer instead of manually configure virtual machines one by one. You may need a lot of virtual machines when you want to run tests on many identical hardware machines, analyze large-scale data, or distribute database.

If you manage lots of PCs or Servers, in case one of them fails, you can deploy them to virtual machines as a contingency measure. If one computer or server is physically broken, you can bring the virtual machine you deployed online before you find a replacement physical machine to deploy to.

OS deploy software

AOMEI Image Deploy is a deployment program for Windows that is easy to use. It can be installed both on PCs and servers, which means you can use a Windows PC as a server to deploy OS. It supports an unlimited number of machines for image deployment, so it is suitable no matter you are managing small, medium, or large-sized computer networks.

It’s not limited to same hardware machines. You can actually deploy the image to dissimilar hardware computers. With this tool, you do not have to do many things for deploying multiple virtual machines. It can automatically distribute a proper IP address for client computers so that the network with all the client machines will work normally when you boot the deployed client machine.

Steps to deploy multiple virtual machines

AOMEI Image Deploy has made the deploying process very easy by providing a wizard to guide you. For now, AOMEI Image Deploy can only deploy system backup and disk backup created by AOMEI Backupper (free), so you need to create a backup before the deployment.

To create multiple virtual machines at once:

1. Download, and install AOMEI Image Deploy on a physical Windows PC or server.

2. Specify the WinPE ISO file to boot your virtual machines. If you don’t have one, you can create a one manually or automatically with this tool.

Create- Winpe

3. Start all the virtual machines that you want to deploy and make them boot from the network.

Loading Winpe

4. Locate the prepared image that you want to deploy to virtual machines and specify other settings. After that, click “Start Deploy” to start the image deployment.

Specify Image

Besides the ability to deploy image to multiple virtual machines, AOMEI Image Deploy can also be used to deploy OS to multiple PCs and servers within LAN.