Best Deployment Software to Deploy Disk Image on Bare Metal

Posted by @Teresa

September 21, 2017

This article will show you how to deploy a disk image onto bare metal with the best disk image deployment software AOMEI Image Deploy step by step.

Why deploy a disk image on bare metal?

Deploy on bare metal actually is a bare metal restore which is a technique in the field of data recovery and restoration. In the field, the backed up data is available in a form which allows its user to restore a computer system from “bare metal”, meaning no requirements in terms of previously installed software or operating system.

Bare metal restore happens often between computers, i.e. you deploy this backed up disk image to another or other computers. Sometimes personal users want to deployment a disk image on bare metal when he purchased recycle computer with no OS on or his current PC becomes malfunctioned. However, in most cases, it is the administrators in companies, schools, and hospitals who want to deployment on bare metal via images on a large scale. They usually deal with masses of computers that come from different sources or donations, suburban schools in particular. Finding an effective way to do this will save much trouble for them.

How to deploy disk image on bare metal in Windows?

Many disk imaging software for deployment offer the feature of bare metal restore on the market. Of course, Windows provides its built-in similar feature as well. Microsoft introduced a new backup utility named Wbadmin into Windows Server 2008 and 2012 (R2) families which support bare-metal recovery. Besides, it updated the Windows Recovery Environment feature in Windows 8 later. These bare metal recovery features are indeed helpful yet come with complicated process. For users who adhere to Windows utilities, please refer to bare metal recovery for detail operating steps. For users who want flexible and effective solution on bare metal deployment, please keep reading.

AOMEI Image Deploy (AID) Free is free disk image deployment software that will assist you deploy backed up disk image on bare machines as long as they are in the same LAN. It will create a WinPE file and ask you to boot all bare machines from network, so that you don’t have to create bootable device for each machine. Now download this freeware to acknowledge the specific steps.

Perform bare metal deployment of disk image via AID

Step1. Install AID on your properly work computer and use it as the master PC. Place the backed up disk image on network or NAS. Select Create WinPE automatically or do that manually if you want to add more drivers to the machines. Check Enable DHCP box at the same time if there is no one in the LAN.

AOMEI Image Deploy Free

Step2. When AID says “The service has started, waiting for connect…” as follow, it is time to boot target bare machines. Leave this master PC alone for a while.

The service has started

Step3. Start client machines (target machines) and enter the BIOS to change boot priority to network.

Set boot order

Step4. If all machines boot successfully, AID on master PC will prompt “client computers connected” in the display list. Tick “I confirm all the client computers which need to be restored are online” and click Next.

Server Connection Status

Step5. Now it’s time to do personal configurations. Click Browse to select the disk image you stored on network before. You may configure more at will if you deploy image to multiple computers as the example did. Note that the “Destination disk” refers to the disk number on client PC(s) you will deploy; the “Deployed computers” refers to the PC amount you will deploy at a time.

Specify image

Step6. Click Start Deploy to start the deployment. It may take a while based on the bare metal amount you deploy.

Start Deploy


  • It is important that there should be one and only one DHCP server in this process.
  • To deploy Windows image to dissimilar hardware or deploy target PCs amount overpass 20, you need to turn to AOMEI Image Deploy Technician version.

It is not hard to deploy a disk image on bare metal with the help of AOMEI Image Deploy. This is specialized deployment software that used to deploy images to multiple client computers, including disk image, system image, and Windows image etc. Thus, it is good Windows 10 deployment tool.